Proudly built on Magento 2

Proudly built on Magento 2

SwiftOtter Inc.'s commitment to Magento runs very deep. This site proudly uses the platform that we build for others.

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Why would SwiftOtter create its website using Magento ecommerce framework when our site isn’t selling “products”?

Would you have confidence in your car dealership if its owner drove another make of vehicle and had it serviced by another service shop?

Might that show they don’t believe in what they sell?

At SwiftOtter, we “eat, drink, and breathe” Magento. The greater our experience and knowledge of Magento: the faster and more efficiently we help you achieve you goals for the least investment.

When we start to build a website, we consider many factors surrounding the final result and how to get there. That’s exactly what we did with our site. Since we are familiar with Magento, code changes are more natural, and that means we can maintain our site efficiently. How about some fast turnarounds on website updates to stay on the leading edge of what your customers need? That’s what we like.

Did you know that out of the many Magento agency websites we have looked at, we have only found two that are actually built on Magento? Many Magento-only agencies use Wordpress (most popular), Craft, Expression Engine and other platforms to build their sites—but not Magento!

It starts with trust.

And, by the way, the page you are viewing right now is a custom Magento product.

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Joseph Maxwell - president / senior developer at Swift Otter

President / senior developer at SwiftOtter - @josephmaxs