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30% of developers don't use Xdebug. Become a pro with this life-transforming tool.


It's great to "meet" you! Magento certifications are tough. Not only do they cover a platform that has over 1 million lines of code, they are also tough. Even the "easiest" test (Professional Developer) isn't easy.

Not only has Joseph has assisted in writing + updating the certifications, he has helped thousands of people in 79 countries (probably more) achieve their certification status. The result is higher income, better reputation in the workplace and the ability to solve more difficult problems. Our approach is very practical: each course provides hands-on instruction with very useful modules.

  • Magento Certifications is now Adobe Certifications.
  • Adobe will now require getting recertified every 2 years. Stay tuned: SwiftOtter will help you get recertified, too.
  • Now shipping: the Art of Ecommerce Debugging, an almost-200-page book on solving an e-commerce developer's greatest challenge: quickly solving problems, once and for all. This book contains 20 strategies and solutions for dealing with the very toughest problems.
  • Also, you can check out my free, mini-course—used by over 1,000 people: Mastering Xdebug here. This will give you a deep-dive on how to use one of the best tools in the world to eradicating bugs.