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Magento 2 Continuous Integration and Delivery

Magento 2 Continuous Integration and Delivery

Industry's first end-to-end solution to getting Magento code from repository to production.

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Keep your developers writing code.

Let your PM deploy the updates.

Eliminate outages due to staging / production code mismatch.

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We are excited to announce this product to the Magento community. Specifically geared for single-developer studios up to many-developer agencies, this will save time, and increase customer happiness. As much as there is not a standard for getting code from source control out to production, we intend to be that:

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  • Easy to setup.
    Most systems now take a lot of knowledge and setup. Our system will take very little setup.
  • Support included.
    We are working through details, but for many plans, you will have access to advanced support for getting your code to production.
  • Deploys with zero downtime.
    That is, if no DB updates are performed. With DB updates, it is usually just a couple of seconds.
  • Anyone can deploy.
    No more do your developers have to deploy code. It is now a click of a button, in an easy-to-find place.

Development Progress:


Project Managers will love it.

No longer do you have to hunt down a developer to get code out to staging or production. After a developer's branch is merged into master, within minutes, those updates will appear on staging. You can push to production at any time. Just the click of a button.

We have a lot of other features in mind to make your job much easier, so sign up for feature notifications!

What systems does this work with?

At this point, we are just supporting GitHub. In the future, we will support BitBucket and GitLab.

What can you deploy to?

As many staging and production sites as you want. The limitation is going to a cloud environment where host names are not defined. In the future, we will support more deployment options.

What is the difference between Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment?

Those three word sets are a mouthful for sure. Martin Fowler has an excellent talk that goes into great detail regarding the differences.

  • Continuous Integration
    Ideally, having a solid-enough foundation of tests (unit, integration, functional) that you have faith that upon running those tests, the code can be safely merged without breaking other parts of the system. In our observation, few Magento agencies do this. Rather, there are often some tests, and the rest relies on manual code reviews.
  • Continuous Delivery
    Once you know that your updates pass the required tests (manual or automated), the code is packaged and ready to deliver. It might be delivered to a staging website for user-acceptance testing, or other manual or automated testing.
  • Continuous Deployment
    According to Martin Fowler, this is a business decision. Do you want your code to automatically ship? If you have enough faith in your automated testing and reporting, then go-ahead. This represents the climax of investment into a platform. Facebook and Etsy are examples. Many Magento agencies require customer approval before pushing, so continuous deployment would not apply in their cases.
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