Magento to Adobe Certification Updates

Here's what we know about the upcoming changes.

August 29, 2020

Watch my interview with Liz Burns and Tyler Tu at Adobe. Liz and Tyler are assuming leadership of Magento certifications. I took the opportunity to chat with them about these upcoming changes to hear right from the source about what's happening:

June 15, 2021

Recertifications are now required. There is a 2-year expiration on all Adobe certifications. Adobe will charge $150 (worldwide) and $80 (India) to recertify. These exams will be shorter than the original certifications. SwiftOtter will be providing short recertification materials to help you quickly and easily pass.

August 23, 2020

The decisions on how/when to expire certifications will be made in 2021. When they will actually expire is TBD. This can sound like really bad news—"we worked hard for this and you're now going to take them away!?" However, from a validation perspective (think of a merchant), if you are certified on Magento 2.2 and now Magento 2.4 is available, wouldn't they see a possible gap in your skills? Yes! That is why Adobe is moving toward expiration dates.

Many details have yet to be released about how this will work. As you can see in my video above, there are some avenues to keep up these credentials instead of having someone fully re-certify every 2 years. Adobe has clearly stated that they are taking community feedback, so feel free to make your voice known.

August 22, 2020

Test time limits have increased to 2 hours (previously, 1.5 hours). This will give those who are not native English speakers additional time to take the test and reduce the pressure from not quickly understanding test questions.

August 17, 2020

Today is the day that Magento Certifications is transitioning into Adobe Certifications. This means that where you register to take the test is changing, the names of the certifications and the format in which you publicize your certifications are migrating to badges.

Certification name change:

  • Solution Specialist
    Solution Specialist For: project managers,
sales people, technical
    Adobe Certified Expert Magento Commerce Business Practitioner

  • Associate Developer
    Associate Developer For: first Adobe certification,
developers with < 2 years 
    Adobe Certified Professional
 Magento Commerce Developer

  • Front End Developer
    Front End Developer For: frontend-end
 developers, as you
 probably guessed.
    Adobe Certified Expert
 Magento Commerce Front-End


  • Professional Developer
Developer For: skilled backend
developers. One of the
 most difficult tests.
    Adobe Certified Expert
 Magento Commerce Developer


  • Javascript Developer
Developer For: those who have
 mastered Javascript
    Adobe Certified Expert
 Magento Commerce JavaScript

  • Cloud Developer
Developer For: those who want this 
credential... and have built 
solutions on Cloud.
    Adobe Certified Expert
 Magento Commerce Cloud


  • Order Management
 Management For: those who regularly work with Order Management. Note that there are only a few in the world—so if you get one, you are super special.
    Adobe Certified Expert
 Magento Commerce Order Management


  • Professional Developer Plus
    Professional Developer Plus For: the developer who 
is the master of all experts.
 The Magento NINJA.
    Adobe Certified Master
 Magento Commerce Architect


View infographic here.

View Adobe FAQs here.