Simplified Building

Rochester, New York

In 2015, we began working with the SimplifiedBuilding team to modernize and upgrade their Magento installation. While the site was responsive, the navigation was cumbersome to use and the site hearkened back to the early 2000s. We helped SimplifiedBuilding take their website to a highly-responsive experience.

The first step in the process was to ensure that there was no core hacks. Over the course of time, these had crept in, making system updates impossible. After that, we leveraged modern technologies (WebPack, Gulp, etc.) to implement the beautiful website design. In addition, thanks to the build system that we use, they are always up-to-date with the latest version and patches of Magento.

The response has been terrific: their customers love the website, SimplifiedBuilding appreciates the ease of content management.


Pleasant Hill Grain

Hampton, Nebraska

We transformed Pleasant Hill Grain's site from pre-2000' style to a modern, powerful and beautiful website built on Magento. In order to maximize the efficiency of their team, we have extended the platform dramatically in both the frontend and the admin panel. Customers have loved the improvements and have said that the website is more usable, more accessible, and more aesthetically pleasing.


Marlow White Uniform Company

Leavenworth, Kansas

We had the privilege of completely overhauling Marlow White’s website. Their previous platform was well on its way to being a decade old and was limiting their growth potential. We recommended that they implement Magento Enterprise as the new platform. A complete overhaul was performed and every single page on the old website was evaluated for accuracy and transitioned to the new website. In addition, many improvements were made to business processes to reduce mistakes or problems in the order process.


Joplin Door

Joplin, Missouri

Joplin Door is a rapidly growing contracting company that was seeking to onboard new contractors efficiently. The current process was cumbersome and inconsistent with documents being emailed or faxed and information being keystroked in - a process prone to errors. Joplin Door came to us seeking a streamlined solution, and we worked with them on a complete system to handle the process of bringing these contractors onboard. We built the website ground-up to suit their needs and integrated with another website that provides excellent security for handling sensitive documents. We built a full admin panel and contractor area to allow them to view their profile and complete documents.


River Valley Woodworks

Southwest Idaho

River Valley Woodworks are masters of wood, as the name implies. They work in Southern Idaho and have impressive experience in reconstruction of large barns. Anthony approached us to improve the aesthetics and overall engagement of the site. We put together the design and then built the website based on the design. The site was constructed to be completely response, fast, and beautiful. Its goal is to bring a presence of their services and products to the Treasure Valley.


Gracious May / Snugars / Bushka

This was a very enjoyable project! Gracious May was previously hosted on Adobe Catalyst. While that system served their needs, they felt it was time to move to a new, more customizable setup - and they chose SwiftOtter Studios. We had the pleasure of working through the creative process, developing a new look and feel that promoted their brand identity, and made an attractive ecommerce solution for their customers.

titus2 is a ministry for encouraging families in Jesus Christ. We had the blessing of being able to migrate them from their own in-house shopping cart to Magento. Their existing cart was not built for maintainability, and they were pushing the boundaries. Magento is rock-solid, easy to use and very maintainable.