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How to save each of your CSRs 10 minutes of time and 100 mouse clicks per day

How to save each of your CSRs 10 minutes of time and 100 mouse clicks per day

It's a module that took about 3 hours to write, and will likely save you thousands a year.

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To help your CSR team better serve your customers you should identity repetitive lookups your CSR’s perform. Add those fields as quick-links to the Magento Admin panel and save your CSR’s time and clicks.

Let’s take a look at the steps required to open a customer order in Magento 1x. Perhaps the CSR is currently viewing a customer record when an email inquiry for order 124567 arrives. The CSR will need to mouse up to Sales, momentarily hover, navigate slightly down, and then click on Orders:

Sales Order menu

The time required to load the Orders screen will depend upon the size or your database, speed of your server, and how well optimized your Magento stack is. Assuming the order is not immediately visible in the list of most-recent orders, the CSR will then need to mouse down to the Order # input field and enter the order number into the order # input field and then press “enter”:

Going to the Sales > Order page to search for an order.

The orders grid will be filtered to show the selected order and the CSR will then need to mouse down to the filtered order and click on that row.

The results of filtering an order in Magento.

We’re coming up with an average time of about 15 seconds and 3 mouse clicks to get the customer’s order on screen. Try doing that hundreds of times per week (your CSR’s do!). The only thing I can think that would make the process more “exciting” would be to toss in a 5-second delay due to a huge database, a slow server, or a poorly optimized Magento stack.

The solution? A quick-link at the top of the Magento Admin panel that can be used to “jump to” a specific order. When we created this customization for our client we also added a SKU “jump to” as the steps to view a specific product by SKU in Admin are similar.

No matter where the CSR happens to be in Magento Admin, to view a customer order all they need to do is type the order number into the input and press “enter”:

Custom order search / lookup box added in Magento admin panel

While we estimate that this particular feature has had about a $7,500 per year ROI for this client, it’s hard to put a price tag on happier employees who are able to provide quicker service to customers.

In review: your CSR’s are likely performing repetitive lookups hundred’s of times per week. Simplify the lookup process for them to create more happiness within your company - and save thousands of dollars in overhead along the way.

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