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Christopher is our project manager. His excellent attention to detail and team coordination abilities are a crucial part of getting your projects done quickly. He is also our resident Search Engine Optimization guru, having been involved in SEO work since the 1990’s, back in the days when the "keyword" meta tag actually mattered (we should probably clarify that point as it makes it sound like the tag is no longer relevant: it is still an OK tag to use but Google has said for years that they don't use the tag for ranking anymore although the tag does seem to make a very small difference with Bing and in our experience the keyword tag is simply a minor detail to potentially address only after much more significant SEO tasks are complete -- actually, we're getting a bit off track here in this bio, but, you get the idea: SEO is, in general, more complex than it used to be).

Christopher is our only Windows user, enjoys photography, and loves spending time with his wife and six children.

Christopher's Top Articles:

Magento 2 Solution Specialist Project+ Certified Google Adwords Certified Google Analytics Certified Optimizely Certified