Attributes are a key part of the Magento ecosystem. These little bits and pieces of data help describe products. One of the easiest-to-understand attributes would be attribute “color”. Another common attribute is “size”. Not every product on your website will have a value for the attribute “color” or “size”, but many likely will.

For anyone who is managing a Magento storefront on a daily basis, you have worked with attributes. Not only adding new values (perhaps a new size is available for a popular sweater that you sell), but managing existing values (perhaps you are no longer going to carry the color “red”).

Let’s say you needed a list of all the products on your web site that have a value for “color” (regardless of what that value is). How would you do that in vanilla Magento? Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do this. Your best approach is going to be exporting your product database to CSV (System->Import/Export->Export) and then using Excel to sort and filter to the products with a value for that attribute, as each attribute will appear in its own column in Excel. We are always looking for ways to improve processes and make things smoother. As always, there is a better way.

We created a small Magento plugin for the Catalog->Attributes->Manage Attributes panel which adds a new tab to the left side: “Products Uses”. This tab displays a grid of products which have a value for that attribute. The products can be sorted and filtered using any of the inputs across the top of the grid. For example, you could filter to view only the products have the value “red” for the attribute “color”. There is even an “edit” link which opens the back-end Magento Admin panel for the product in a new tab so edits can easily be made to the product.


This little plug-in is just one of many plugins available to SwiftOtter clients. Best of all, we are releasing it today for you to use.

You can download the plugin on GitHub.

If you keep running into hassles or annoyances while managing your Magento storefront, reach out to your 2nd level Magento support agency. They may well have a tool which can help solve the problem you are facing.

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