I recently reloaded my laptop and upgraded it to Sierra. As Apple continues to tighten down security measures, more and more programs are having trouble installing properly (or living through the upgrade process).

The problem I experienced was with installing VMWare Fusion: particularly with calling vagrant up. In doing so, I received the following cryptic error: “Error occurred: The file which defines networking interfaces for VMware Fusion could not be found. Please verify Fusion is installed properly and try again. If this problem persists, please contact support.” Additionally, when I tried to create a dummy VM in VMWare Fusion, I also received a cryptic “Internal error” message.

I found that the file /Library/Preferences/VMware Fusion/networking was non-existent. Since there was another machine that I use that works as expected, I copied the networking file over to my laptop. Vagrant booted the machine just like it was supposed to.

For your (and my) reference, here are the contents of the file:

VERSION=1,0 answer VNET_1_DHCP yes answer VNET_1_DHCP_CFG_HASH D57F26DD20520022B91D6F44905AC85450450858 answer VNET_1_HOSTONLY_NETMASK answer VNET_1_HOSTONLY_SUBNET answer VNET_1_VIRTUAL_ADAPTER yes answer VNET_8_DHCP yes answer VNET_8_DHCP_CFG_HASH BA7AFE70F85B41C6F5C490924040A16C48AE08B9 answer VNET_8_HOSTONLY_NETMASK answer VNET_8_HOSTONLY_SUBNET answer VNET_8_NAT yes answer VNET_8_VIRTUAL_ADAPTER yes add_nat_portfwd 8 tcp 2200 22 add_nat_portfwd 8 tcp 2222 22
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