Goal: Streamline Sales Workflow, Modernize Technology Stack

EasyFit.com is a source of value-priced pipe fittings. On the surface, this might sound boring, but the applications of these fittings are really exciting. For example, they are used to build railings, gym structures, and even furniture. They provide modern aesthetic. Better yet, they lock into place with an Allen wrench. This makes assembly a breeze!

EasyFit.com was built on Expression Engine, and ecommerce-enabled through a 3rd-party module. Both of these solutions were barely supported due to being on old versions. Upgrading to the latest version would be fairly expensive, so this put them in range of a new platform.

They chose Magento Open Source thanks to its proven track record of security and the ability to be customized.

Mobile Page Speed Score

We were able to hit an 80 (or better) through careful tuning of the website. Mobile users represent a significant percentage of those coming to the website and we want to ensure that there are no roadbumps to their ability to transact with the website.

Desktop Page Speed Score

A perfect 99. It couldn't get any better than this. We ensure that EasyFit is fast and easy to use (pun intended, get it?).


There were a couple of challenging aspects to this migration.

First, EasyFit needed an automated integration with their bespoke inventory system. When an order is placed, they wanted to have the order exported into this system instead of having to manually enter it, which is prone to errors. This was not an easy task due to the lack of documentation and great specificity with which the inventory system was built upon.

Second, because EasyFit sells pipe fittings, they need to communicate the dimensions for the related pipe. Normally, if someone were to go to Home Depot, they would see, right there, whether or not their fitting works. That is not possible online, so clear communication is critical. However, EasyFit needed an effective system to manage these numbers AND import them from their old system.

The solution:

SwiftOtter had the pleasure of building this website for EasyFit.


The old site was functional, but was limiting with regards to the ease of customization and the lack of continuous updates.


The new site takes advantage of Magento 2's rich feature set—enabling a successful commerce experience.

The theme is completely custom. It is easily managed and updated on a well-known platform. As a result of moving to Magento 2, they are recognizing the benefits of a streamlined checkout process.

We at SwiftOtter strive to build excellent user experiences. As testimony to this, Easyfit.com gets a 99 desktop score (perfect) and an 83 mobile score (almost perfect). Time-to-first-byte is less than 250ms thanks to MageMojo’s hosting platform.

The connection into their fulfillment center was the most challenging aspect of the implementation. We used both automated and manual testing to verify the accuracy of imported orders.

In addition, they are saving time on a daily basis thanks to the direct export of orders to their fulfillment centers. This also saves money because errors are less likely to happen thanks to a lack of human interaction.