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eTechParts.com distributes cellphone repair parts. Put in more interesting terms, if you drop your phone and break the screen (one of those “oh, shoot” moments), you would likely take your phone to a repair shop. There are thousands of these across the US. There is a good chance that this repair shop will buy their parts from eTechParts.com.

eTechParts.com has been around since 2008. Instead of just “selling parts”, they offer lifetime warranties on many parts, excellent shipping service and good return policy (which is rare in this low-margin industry).

They were on Magento 1—a platform which has been around about as long as eTech has been in business. While this was a great solution, there was an increasing number of “gremlins” in the system. Magento 1 was being deprecated in June of 2020. And, the new features in Magento 2 were not being realized.

Unique aspects

With the website being in existence for such a long time, they had excellent search engine rankings. It was critical that these carry over to the new website and their incoming Organic Traffic stays constant.

There were many custom features that needed to be built:

  • A custom cellphone screen buyback form that estimates the total amount returned, creates shipping labels and applies store credit when the buyback is received.
  • Integrating Cybersource with a custom checkout module.
  • Connecting their RMA workflow with Netsuite through custom Celigo workflows. This involved building Magento APIs to handle these requests, including applying the store credit.

eTech Buyback Program

The solution

After working with two other agencies, and starting over once on the project, eTech asked us to build the Magento 2 website.


The old site was functional, but was limiting with regards to the ease of customization and the lack of continuous updates.


The new site takes advantage of Magento 2's rich feature set—enabling a successful commerce experience.

We needed to stabilize the website and build out almost all of the custom features. The previous developers had built some of the theme and installed modules (the easier parts).

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In addition, we did the due diligence to ensure a smooth and successful launch. One of these aspects was streamlining the data migration process: the website was down for 1½ hours for the launch. This included the final data migration.

The results? Sales are up. Traffic is up.

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