Client: Gracious May
  • Map Austin, TX metro area
  • box Boutique children's clothing brand
Project Specs

Meet Gracious May, a small Texas-based boutique for children’s headbands, apparel and handbags. They are a brand that is beloved by thousands of moms throughout the world. Their creativity and talent is evident with the constant product refreshes and new items that they present a couple of times a year.


A word from Gracious May:

My company has worked closely with Swift Otter Studio since 2013. The first project was the complete design and development overhaul of our ecommerce website SwiftOtter not only developed a sleek front end design for our brand, but also walked us through the process of migrating from an Adobe Catalyst back end, to the Magento platform that we are now on.

In addition, SwiftOtter communication has always been prompt and dependable. Regardless of the project’s size, the team at SwiftOtter allows us the opportunity to communicate our vision, then uses that vision as a springboard to achieve a satisfactory end result. As our company grows we continue to feel confident using SwiftOtter for all of our web development needs.



At first, Gracious May was using Adobe Business Catalyst. While Business Catalyst provides a decent shopping experience, Gracious May needed a solution that was flexible and scalable. They wanted a custom theme that accurately reflected the whimsical flair of their brand.

We had the pleasure of assisting Gracious May in this conversion. All three websites were themed similarly, with some slight changes between them. Customers can add an item to their cart from any of the three websites and complete their purchase from any of the three websites.

Their customers have loved the updates on the website. Products are easier to find (and purchase). The site is easier to maintain.

Feel free to stop by and take a look at the amazing, handmade products that they sell.

Joseph Maxwell - president / senior developer at Swift Otter

President / senior developer at SwiftOtter - @swiftotter_joe