Important note:

Adobe is retiring this test in favor of including these questions on the developer exams (AD0-E716 and AD0-E717). We are scrambling to build materials to accommodate this new style of test. Thus, we are making this test free until we are able to finalize materials.

In-line with the Magento test

I guarantee that this test is up-to-date with objectives on the current version of the Magento test.

Written by Joseph Maxwell

I am based in the Kansas City, USA area and have achieved this Magento certification. I have helped thousands, in 79+ countries, become certified.

I have crafted a practice test to help you prepare for the Magento 2 Professional Cloud Developer exam. This practice test has two pools of approximately 40 questions each PLUS 3 free questions. There is no time limit to complete. There are two or more questions per objective sub-point. Click the red button below to get started!

Note that this test used to be called the Magento Professional Cloud developer. This has since been renamed to AD0-E706 Adobe Certified Expert-Magento Commerce Cloud Developer. The content remains the same. The name and the test time limit have changed.

This test covers the key concepts ensuring that the candidate has a solid understanding of successfully deploying a merchant on Magento Cloud. You must have a solid understanding of configuration application, variables, users and troubleshooting. This is not an easy test.

Magento recommends that you have 6 months to a year of experience deploying applications in Magento Cloud before attempting the exam.

Suggestions for using the practice exam:
  • Don’t memorize the answers. That is not the purpose of the test. The purpose is to show you what areas in which you are weak.
  • These questions will NOT be found on the final exam. They might be similar. As they say on the real test, memorizing answers won't get you across the finish line.
  • If you get an answer wrong on a technicality, study what makes up the difference. Might you be thinking of Magento 1?
  • Take your time and think about each answer. Visualize any admin area answers.
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