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SwiftOtter is a Midwest-based eCommerce agency with the Midwest values of Hospitality, Virtue, and Innovation.

eCommerce Education

Whether your are a merchant or a developer, we share knowledge to help you become better. We started in 2018 providing guides on how to get Magento 2 certified—and while this has evolved through the years, our goal remains the same.

Digital Trails: outdoor sporting goods inspiration

Here's how to navigate eCommerce in the Outdoor Sporting Goods space.

A beautifully crafted guide for merchants selling outdoor apparel, hunting/fishing gear, and firearms. Be inspired as to what you can accomplish with your website.

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B2B eCommerce Evolution Manifesto

A roadmap for your B2B website: feature comparison and maturity model.

An opinionated, experienced guide on how to make your B2B website next level. SwiftOtter has tremendous talent to move you forward.

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WooCommerce to BigCommerce Comparison

Is WooCommerce the right platform to take you into the future?

Free download: see a chart of 36 features comparing WooCommerce with BigCommerce.

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Adobe Commerce to BigCommerce Playbook

Is Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce the right choice for you website?

Quickly understand the the process of migrating from Magento 2 to BigCommerce and how it will affect your ecommerce experience.

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Shopify vs. BigCommerce eBook

Shopify is ubiquitous. Is it the best solution for you?

Quick determine which platform is ideal for the next iteration of your eCommerce website.

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Our partnerships

SwiftOtter + LifeWater: Otters love Water

We give at least 10% of our net profit to LifeWater, providing sustainable water to people across the world.

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Here's to you, brave ecommerce developer.

Improve your skills and become a rockstar developer.

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