Are you serious about your future ecommerce sales?

Are you serious about your future ecommerce sales?

Amazon took $.43 of every on-line dollar spent in 2016.
Amazon spends over 11% of sales (>$16B) on "technology and content."


Begin with trust - built by skill:

Whether it is new builds, maintenance, or consulting, our #1 goal is to help you achieve your ecommerce goals. You wouldn't engage a surgeon with minimal skills and that you did not trust. For most business site owners, your ecommerce revenue is not quite as serious as an operation, but it definitely ranks high. That is one reason that all of our developers are Magento certified as a minimum.

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SwiftOtter works in Kansas City

Kansas City is home.

Which enables us to visit face-to-face with our local clients

Over 55% of communication is nonverbal. Therefore, in-person dialog is most effective in building trust as we seek a real understanding of your business, needs and goals.

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What's with "the otter"?

We chose an Otter as our mascot because:


Otters are small—only 10 lbs. We are a small, tight-knit team without a corporate bureaucracy to fight. Just committed individuals who deeply care about your success.

Agile and Energetic.

Otters are energetic, and love life. We are Agile, high energy and love our work.


Otters are fast. They are known to swim at 5.6mph (as fast as the current world's human swimming speed record). We pride ourselves in how fast we deliver.

Why SwiftOtter Should Be Your Trusted Key Partner

We will help you achieve your goals through beautiful, and effective websites built on the Magento platform.

  • Knowledge

    We provide website development and second-level Magento support. All of our developers are Magento certified: you can expect top-tier workmanship because of our continual investment in continuing education.

  • Custom Modules

    Our clients benefit from our library of in-house developed Magento modules. These modules are lightweight, bring additional functionality, and use secure, industry accepted practices.

  • Audits

    We perform audits to get an idea of what approach is best for improving. These audits include: security, performance, conversion gains, user experience, and user satisfaction.