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Excellence in Ecommerce Engineering since 2012

Your partner who can actually deliver complex projects—done right the first time.

What sets SwiftOtter apart?

  • We sport a team of highly-skilled e-commerce veterans—the best in the industry.
  • Our favorite projects are demanding and mentally challenging. We have "rescued" projects, turning them into pieces of art.
  • SwiftOtter has achieved the Adobe Commerce partner specialization. This means we are recognized for our capabilities on the platform.
  • SwiftOtter is the de-facto training partner for Adobe Commerce. 100% of our developers are certified. We live what we preach as we have trained and helped thousands of developers worldwide to achieve Adobe Commerce certification.
  • We specialize in customer/user experience and e-commerce engineering. We have partners who provide marketing, SEO, and other services.
  • We believe in a more significant cause. We give over 10% of our net profits to clean water initiatives.
  • We are reachable. You can schedule a meeting with Joseph here.

We enjoyed working with Joseph and team on the audit of our site. The SwiftOtter team is very knowledgeable, easy to work with, and provided a very detailed, actionable list of fixes and feature enhancement suggestions for our site.

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Who do you work for?

While we are competent at fixing or building almost anything on Adobe Commerce and BigCommerce, we have the most experience in:

  • Outdoor/sporting goods: being from the midwest, we love the outdoors.
  • B2B: we have facilitated moving complex pricing structures online—in a computationally efficient manner. We have built challenging workflows and more.

What services do you provide?

We do custom development for Adobe Commerce and BigCommerce. We build headless front-end shopping experiences and custom apps. Here's most of what we do:

  • New, from scratch, builds: We help you identify the go-to-market strategy for ensuring your Adobe Commerce, and Big Commerce instance is exactly what you need.
  • Ongoing maintenance retainers: We ensure your website functions at full capacity.
  • Website analysis: If your website is a black box and you don't know how to look in, we will crack the code for you.
  • Theme updates and migrations: We love working with PWAs and a new theme, Hyva.
  • User interface design/customer experience: You just may be leaving mone on the table because customers don't know how to use your website. We will help you fix this.

Why SwiftOtter?

We are on the same journey as a merchant. While our training resources aren't big business, they have given us invaluable empathy for your challenges. We see problems through the same lens as you.

We are experts.

We have worked with Adobe Commerce since 2012. Instead of having to weave your way through layers of clueless salespeople (no offense), talk to someone who knows eCommerce development—inside and out. We write industry-recognized training. Our founder, Joseph, was recognized as a 2019 Magento Master. We are a member of the Magento Certification Advisory board. And, we like to share our knowledge.

Peace of mind.

We have your back. You can relax knowing we monitor your website and maintain critical priority status for site outages. Many times, we are fixing a problem before you know the problem exists.


Urgent matters are solved with crazy speed. Our standard development pipeline moves quickly, and we update you regularly with how things are going.

You first.

Perhaps you have had an experience where your partner recommends building a feature. It's built, deployed to production and later you find out that 80% of this feature is already available on your platform. Why didn't you use it?

We write material to help you gain the most value from your platform, like this.


Easy-to-read version: 1-888-576-8837. Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm CST.

Or, book some time on our calendar here.

SwiftOtter has been our development partner for over a year and I know that they are a vital part our marketing team. The quality and character of their work consistently creates a tangible feeling of delight. There are countless times when I’ve been surprised at the level of thoroughness of their work — a thoroughness that means that maintenance and upgrades will be all the easier. They bring a strong eye for marketing, assessing requests, not simply from a technical perspective, but from a business value perspective. Not only is the quality of work excellent, SwiftOtter’s pricing is fair and their turn around times are exceptional. I’m delighted to have found such a great group of people to work with, I couldn’t recommend them more highly!

– Dave

Your Trusted Key Partner

SwiftOtter strives to be your trusted team members (key partner) for all of your online development needs. We have developed close relationships with our other clients. This helps us to get the insight needed to provide key points on how to move the website forward, where are the internal pain points that need to be addressed and present opportunities from an independent third-party perspective. This relationship is about making you successful and we will do whatever we can do to achieve that.

Our Philosophy

Our clients appreciate responsiveness. We hear the frustration when they talk about prior agencies being slow to respond. That's why email responsiveness is a top priority for us and it is also why we give you our personal cellphone numbers when you sign on: because sometimes we need to talk to another human.

We have a first for this industry: a liberation pledge. No one likes to be held hostage. We get that, and our pledge documents how you can expect to be assisted through the transition process (hint: it's how you should expect to be treated).

Our Certifications