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Adobe Commerce / Magento 2: build, deliver and maintain and the highest level possible.

Our training is used by the best—to be the best.

Since 2018, SwiftOtter has helped, by our estimates, almost 10,000 people get certified on Adobe Commerce. Whether you want to learn the platform, prove your expert status through certification, or grow your knowledge, we have the right program.

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Our line-up of special SwiftOtter badges

Developer Training

Our CEO, Joseph Maxwell, is a developer and solution architect. Chris Nanninga, our developer instructor, has built and customized many high-profile e-commerce websites.

We help start from scratch, achieve your Magento 2 certification exam, and become a certified expert. Our training is unique in that we have fixed end destinations or targets. Every course is capped by either a certification or a final review. Upon passing the requirements, we award a badge that can be displayed on LinkedIn, resumé or business cards.

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Merchant / Retailer Training

We consistently have conversations with online retailers who were sold on the great features of Magento 2. However, once the site is built and deployed, they can't find those features or don't know how to use them. Time goes on, money is wasted, and revenue opportunities are lost.

What if you could maximize the Magento 2 toolset to its fullest capacity?

Did you know that Adobe Commerce now has Live Search and Product Recommendations? Did you know how Page Builder works in conjunction with these features? Have you heard about the significant customizations you can make on the Category page?

Best of all, these training courses for Adobe Commerce show you what you can do without a developer's involvement.

SwiftOtter has extensive capabilities in helping merchants take their online experience to the next level. Of course, we help with development and consultative services. Training is also part of our DNA. These courses empower you to extract every drop of value from the platform on which your website is built.

Meet the Trainers
Chris Nanninga and Joseph Maxwell

Chris has a solid grasp of technology and takes advantage of any opportunity to toss in a dad joke. He's been in the space for over a decade. Joseph is a conglomeration of personas: developer, consultant, and retailer (yes, sells products). He happens to have achieved the 2019 Magento Master award.

You can be assured of incredibly high-quality training programs between the two.

Our story

Coding, architecture, merchandising and catalog management are skills that don't come quickly or easily. The journey to "get there" is full of minefields that may explode. We have walked this path ourselves and have lost sleep and hair. This whole thing started with Joseph Maxwell's desire to achieve certification. Back in 2018, when the first Magento 2 test was released, he faced anxiety about whether or not he could pass this beta-edition test. He took a 1-page test outline and built a 100-page study guide. He then released it to the community. Since then, SwiftOtter has helped almost 10,000 people on their career journey.

How will getting certified help me?

Becoming a Magento certified developer has historically been a difficult-to-achieve goal. Many senior Magento developers haven't "taken the test" yet. Getting certified will only help your career. How? Certification is a baseline for skills. You may argue the bar is too low, but it's still a bar that many can't cross.

SwiftOtter has long taken the approach that certification is proof of skill. This is a requirement for every developer that we hire. It's a reasonable standard. Thus, we have centered our training systems around certification. Achieving this end goal is a significant win.