Chris Nanninga

Director of Training Development

What feels like a lifetime ago, when I was pursuing a degree in writing, software engineering was nowhere on my radar. A friend who knew me better than I knew myself saw that I needed to get my feet wet in the world of web development, and the rest is history. Nearly 20 years later, I can't imagine doing anything else.

I've spent over half my development career in the Ecommerce agency world, and I've done it all: Highly complex frontend and backend coding, scoping client requirements, overseeing product development, and mentoring other developers. My background in writing and communication has come in handy, too, as I've inevitably ended up on the front lines of standards development, process documentation and training in whatever role I find myself!

That passion for great communication has brought me to my role as director of training development at SwiftOtter, where I can lean on the wealth of knowledge I've gained from a career in software engineering not just to build one thing at a time, but to help innumerable other developers reach their own potential and write their own amazing software.