Purchase Power Parity

We understand that currency conversion rates affect the affordability of our courses. We don't want this to be a sticking point as our #1 goal for this training is equip developers across the world.

Thus, we use a loose implementation of the Purchase Power Parity system. Note that this applies to products greater than 40 USD.

Country-based discounts

Country Discount amount
Albania 30%
Argentina 33%
Azerbaijan 33%
Bangladesh 50%
Bolivia 33%
Brazil 33%
Chile 33%
Colombia 33%
Côte d'Ivoire 33%
Congo 33%
Croatia 33%
Egypt 33%
Estonia 33%
Hungary 33%
India 50%
Lebanon 50%
Malaysia 33%
Mexico 33%
Pakistan 50%
Panama 33%
Peru 30%
Philippines 33%
Poland 33%
Serbia 30%
South Africa 33%
Tunisia 33%
Ukraine 50%
Uruguay 33%
Venezuala 50%
Uzbekistan 33%
Vietnam 50%

Don't see your country listed? Shoot us an email.

How do I get access to country-based discounts?

Simply go to the checkout. Make sure to specify your billing country and the discount will be automatically applied.

Adobe Partners

If you are an Adobe partner, make a purchase on our website using the ADOBEPARTNER coupon code to get 30% off. Note that you must use an email address associated with an Adobe Partner.

Agency discounts

We love agencies. After all, we are one ourselves—that's why we put out such quality material as we are constantly learning and we use this to build the best training. A big part of our "why" is to elevate developer capabilities, and we do a lot to encourage this.

One part of this is discounts. These are cumulative, so you get more discounts the more you purchase from us.

How this works

Use the contact us form on our website and include the email addresses of each person and the tests needed for each. We will send you an invoice. Once you pay, we will create accounts for each test-taker (they will each receive an email with login instructions).

All the benefits

Remember, even with the discounts, we still offer the same benefits:

  1. Guaranteed: if someone fails, we refund you their practice test fee. Hopefully, this proves our commitment to bringing you the best practice tests possible.
  2. Predicted: we prepare the test-taker for how ready she is.
  3. Result offer: if you send us your results after taking the test, we will refund you 25% of the money paid for that practice test. We use this information to help fine-tune our predictions and determine the accuracy of the predictions.