If you are an agency or are looking to purchase several practice tests at once, we offer a discount structure for our unlimited test takes:

  • 5-9 practice tests: 10% off
  • 10-19 practice tests: 15% off
  • 20-40 practice tests: 25% off (1 extra month included)
  • 41+ practice tests: 35% off (1 extra month included)

The above discounts apply to a single purchase of that many practice tests (mix and match) and don't apply to purchases made over time. Remember, this only applies for unlimited test purchases. The reason is that unlimited purchases rely on a customer account, and thus we can create-in-advance these for you. The one-take relies on session cookies and is not transferrable.

How this works:

Use the contact us form on our website and include the email addresses of each person and the tests needed for each. We will send you an invoice. Once you pay, we will create accounts for each test-taker (they will each receive an email with login instructions).

All the benefits:

Remember, even with the discounts, we still offer the same benefits:

  1. Guaranteed: if someone fails, we refund you their practice test fee. Hopefully, this proves our commitment to bringing you the very best practice tests possible.
  2. Predicted: we prepare the test-taker for how ready she is.
  3. Result offer: if you send us your results after taking the test, we will refund you 25% of the money paid for that practice test. We use this information to help fine-tune our predictions and determine the accuracy of the predictions.

Road map:

We look forward to offering you more features that will make it easier for you to manage those who are taking tests. Stay tuned.

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