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B2B is the fastest-growing segment of eCommerce, but for brands that primarily sell to consumers, shifting to B2B can be tricky. We are a veteran eCommerce team that specializes in the B2B space. We are led by two brothers, Joseph and Jesse Maxwell. The team is comprised of experienced professionals with deep technical and business talent.

Would it be nice to have a guide that sets the tone for effectively implementing a B2B segment of your website? Better yet, wouldn't it be incredible to learn from someone who, as a merchant, did it themselves? You can download the free B2B Evolution Manifesto right here from SwiftOtter.

What's in this guide?

No one likes to read a wall of text (aka a whitepaper).

The guide is an easy 64-page read: Just the Gist, Nothing Missed. It's something we would read ourselves. This guide presents a plan for getting your B2B presence off the ground. This is the most complete guide you will read to not only start but also see into the future of what is possible.

What's included:

B2B feature comparison

We compare eighteen critical features on Shopify, BigCommerce, Adobe Commerce and WooCommerce. Get started on the platform that will last.

Understand the benefits

Learn how a B2B component will affect your operations and increase revenue.

Crawl, Walk, Run Approach

Get started efficiently and don't waste money in building features you don't need.

B2B Maturity Assessment

Identify where you are across nine critical features split into Crawl, Walk, Run phases. This gives you a consolidated picture of what is achievable.

Download it here.

Who is SwiftOtter?

SwiftOtter is not your typical agency—just like everyone else. But the reality is we have some standout differentiators, of which we are quite proud.

  • We have helped almost 10,000 developers get certified. Thus, our talent roster is stacked with the best of this pool.
  • We are deeply invested in BigCommerce and Adobe Commerce.
  • We maintain specializations on both platforms.
  • We focus on providing services to B2B and outdoor sporting goods verticals.
  • We try to live up to our name being creative, playful and an all-around pleasure to hang out with.

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