Remember as a kid playing cops and robbers and you were a good guy who got tied up? You struggled to get loose, but you realized without help, it was hopeless to get free.

Today some companies feel like they are being held hostage by their ecommerce agency. Is that the way you feel? You would like to be free to work with another agency, but your current one has you “all tied up.” You either have a binding contract or you think there is no good way to transfer your site to another agency.

This will never happen to SwiftOtter clients. Our clients are bound to SwiftOtter simply by their satisfaction. Should you desire to move to another agency or handle development in-house, here is our recommended process:


We will have an “exit” meeting (in person, video-conference, phone, or email).

  • We will assure you of our full cooperation in a successful transfer!
  • We will discuss any open tasks/projects and document decisions for each.
  • We will receive the contact information for the new agency.
  • Then we will map out a plan for the transition with dates.


We will open a dialog with the new agency (email).

  • Via friendly and professional dialog we will do what we can to enable the new agency is successful in helping you.
  • We will seek to discover any unique needs which may hinder a successful transfer.


We will swiftly execute the transition

  • We will securely transfer all applicable passwords.
  • We will complete any issues that were assigned to SwiftOtter for completion.
  • We will ensure that the new agency has the access they need.


We will hold a final meeting

  • To verify that all tasks have been accomplished and there are no misunderstandings, a final “meeting” will be conducted with SwiftOtter, client, and the new agency.
  • You will “sign-off” that we have completed all tasks we were responsible for.

The above will be billed at our standard hourly rates.