Javascript Exam Preparation

This is legacy material.

Adobe has retired the Expert Javascript developer exam. They updated the Expert Frontend exam to include more Javascript-focus topics. Head on over to our exam preparation for Frontend Developer for more information.

How to Pass the Adobe Expert Javascript Developer (AD0-E705)

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Note: this test used to be Magento 2 Certified Javascript Developer. The name and the time limit have changed, but the questions remain the same.

This test is focused on Magento's implementation of Javascript. It ensures that a candidate is familiar with RequireJS, KnockoutJS, UiComponents and more. To pass, you must achieve a score of 63% or higher.

Points worth noting:

  • The test can be taken at a testing center or at home. You must have a decent internet connection with at least 1MB up and down.
  • Magento encourages you to have at least 1 year of Magento 2 Javascript development experience.
  • You can find basic information about the test here.

The Study Guide

Concepts Covered:
  • How Javascript fits into Magento:
    - RequireJS
  • Magento modules; structure, overrides and other customizations
  • Modifying jQuery UI widgets
  • Executing Javascript on Magento pages
  • Understanding how to customize core Magento frameworks
  • Knockout JS
  • Customizing and utilizing Magento UI components
  • Customizing UI components on the frontend: checkout and payments


Yes, we will refund the money you paid for the study guide if you fail. However, having participated in writing this exam, just reading this study guide will not assure you of a passing score. You are spending $85 on a study guide for a $260 test, so it is important that you thoroughly study and practice. In order for us to provide a refund, you will need to have one of the first two practice test takes within a 4-week rolling window be over 65%.