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This sheds light on what your colleagues use to write code.

Isolation is a common feeling. What do others use outside our company? Yep, it might be better, or, maybe we are using the top of the line in everything?

We, at SwiftOtter, are hyper-focused at improving our craft: and that involves learning about new tools and getups. That said, the ecommerce developer community tends to use some unique tools and interesting environments. The other developer surveys "out there" are helpful, but they don't specifically speak to us as developers. Thus was birthed the idea for our first-annual e-commerce developer survey.

Our sample size is N=400. We are excited to see this exponentially grow over the coming years.

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Why the report?

We developers often write code in isolation. COVID has only exasperated this. Just because we are using a tool doesn't mean it's the best or fastest. This came from my desire to see what's out there and improve my own development configuration. And, yes, I'm going to be switching up my toolset with the results that I'm seeing.

Here are a few interesting points that we learned:

  • 42% of developers in India use Xdebug.
  • 70% of developers in North America use Xdebug. Both of these numbers are way too low.
  • Warden is the most common Docker-based development environment for e-commerce developers.