Bugs fear us.

Welcome, Ecommerce ninja. Solving problems in an e-commerce environment is tough and demanding. Your manager, project manager and merchants are all staring at you saying, "it can't take that long to solve the problem." The pressure is immense. No wonder why some of the most seasoned developers move on to other roles.

But what if we could love what we do? What if we could feel in control of (most) bugs that we face? That's the focus of this training. Here's how to make better, more bug free code. And, when we do have bugs, here's how to solve those problems, pronto.

July 2021's Ninja Topic: Solve Bugs Before They Happen

Bugs are incredibly frustrating. While we love to write code, we hate getting in there and fixing the fallout. My topic for this conversation is methodologies that we can implement to reduce the number of bugs. We'll talk about writing readable code. We'll even talk about integration testing (yikes!!). You'll come away with tricks that immediately make you a better developer.

When: July 7 at 1500 UTC. 8AM PDT, 10AM CDT, 11AM EDT, 8:30PM IST

Where: Right here (or on YouTube).