SwiftOtter + LifeWater

We give at least 10% of our net profit to LifeWater, providing sustainable water to people across the world.

Otters love water.

They sleep, eat, and play in the water—clean water.

Yet, approximately 25% of this world's population lacks access to safe drinking water. Your engagement with SwiftOtter brings clean water to people worldwide.

SwiftOtter commits at least 10% of our net profits to provide clean water.

Our goal at SwiftOtter is to provide unparalleled care when building or extending ecommerce websites. And we do this with excellence. But we don’t work with websites; we work with people. We make it smooth and easy for people to place orders. We facilitate business processes so that people can work efficiently and go home with smiling faces to their families.

This same human connection inspires our efforts to give back. We who have these luxuries forget to be grateful—until they become in short supply. And supporting this cause keeps us aware of our brothers and sisters of the human race.

When you choose SwiftOtter, you are helping people in need worldwide.

The "otterly" amazing connection

Otters are intelligent, playful animals. There are thirteen official varieties, for example, the giant river otter, the North American river otter, and the European otter. They live on both land and water but are tremendous anglers, so they spend much of their time in the water. The North American river otter reaches speeds of almost 7mph while swimming. For comparison, the fastest human swimmer has barely cracked 5mph.

But there’s a catch: river otters only survive in clean water. The presence of river otters indicates a healthy environment.

Humans are similar in that we require comparatively pristine water. Contaminated water is linked to the transmission of diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio. These diseases often carry a life sentence.

The how

We have selected Lifewater International as our outlet for giving.

  • They focus on hard-to-reach areas that are typically underserved—but just as important.
  • They have an impeccable track record with independent auditors. They have been working with underserved people for 45 years.
  • They are fiscally responsible. 80% of donations go to the field. The other 20% is used for fundraising or management.

Joseph Maxwell

President / senior developer at SwiftOtter - @swiftotter_joe