The ULTIMATE Shopify Plus vs. BigCommerce B2B comparison

If you're looking to switch to a new SaaS solution, this book will give you the intel necessary to make a decision that will last.

Which is better for B2B? Shopify Plus or BigCommerce?

That is a trick question as it is impossible for anyone to categorically state the truth. The truth involves adding two additional words to the question: "Which is better for me?" These two words hold the key to discovering the real answer.

Given the right platform, you should be well-satisfied for a decade or more. Given the wrong platform, and you'll feel the pain every day. Instead of going with what "everyone else" is doing, this guide gives you the keys to determine which platform will meet the needs of your business.

The story

Shopify and BigCommerce have many similarities as both are SaaS eCommerce platforms. Because of Shopify's marketing investment, they have gained the greater market share. We, at SwiftOtter, do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, every merchant is different and must be treated with the same diligent care. We have empowered merchants to be highly equipped since 2018. Out of this comes our 43 pages of easy reading to understand which platform brings the most value to your business.

We have compacted the 112 features and how they are implemented on both Shopify and BigCommerce into 21 pages.

Instead of spending $10,000+ on a platform discovery process, much of the work has been distilled into this ebook—for free.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has gained tremendous popularity with merchants in recent times. Merchants are looking for a stable website that is highly performance with minimal maintenance costs. SaaS generally delivers on these promises.

BigCommerce is a frontrunner in the battle of platforms. It is squarely positioned between traditional, less-flexible, locked-down SaaS platforms and the high TCO, expensive-to-maintain open-source systems. BigCommerce's idea is "Open SaaS". Developers can tap into their API to create custom experiences or leverage the already-built systems that BigCommerce has already created.

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Why do you ask for my email?

Platform discoveries often cost $10,000 or more. A significant part of this is mapping business requirements to native support. This book puts that process into concrete terms.

Of course, we can help you make this decision as we have built an even more condensed version of this document.

The feature list

Download this guide (for free) to gain extreme confidence in your migration to BigCommerce.

43-page PDF ebook

Easily access and read through the most comprehensive documentation on successfully migrating to BigCommerce.

Head-to-Head Comparison

Learn how the strengths of BigCommerce will help your website achieve new growth goals.

Feature-discovery form

Use our proprietary questionnaire to lay a foundation for your new ecommerce platform.

An Introduction to SwiftOtter

Excellence in Ecommerce Experiences—since 2012.

As you can see with this guidebook, SwiftOtter believes in education and enablement (we have also built a significant training practice). Getting into a full-site migration may seem scary.

But with us at SwiftOtter, it's not. We will walk you through the process you will read about in this quickstart guide.

  • We learn the key points of your needs and give you a rough order of magnitude for cost and timeline.
  • We enter a paid discovery to understand what needs to be built: the scope.
  • Once we agree on the scope (price), we begin work.
  • We involve you through the development process to ensure it's exactly as you need.

SwiftOtter is experienced with both BigCommerce and Shopify Plus. We know the best of both worlds and have put this knowledge into building this comparison guide for you.