SwiftOtter and BigCommerce

BigCommerce provides speed, security and customizations—without the pain and expense of regular updates.

Get big outcomes with a beautiful SwiftOtter-designed BigCommerce website.

BigCommerce has industry-leading capabilities, deep opportunities for customization, and second-to-none customer service. We are consistently amazed by the platform's unlimited capacity and continuous innovation.

We both build websites on BigCommerce and assist in training technical and business teams.

Adobe Commerce to BigCommerce Playbook

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We ❤️ BigCommerce.

We have exited the adolescent era of e-commerce. Open-source offerings (like Magento/Adobe Commerce) powered many web stores—but this tech stack is now resulting in extreme Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Some merchants even spend their entire e-commerce budget just to keep the lights on, never mind being able to improve the experience to grow sales. While open-source platforms will always have their place, the future is not in open-source.

Here are a few of our favorite benefits that BigCommerce provides:

  • Cost: BigCommerce can reduce your total cost of ownership, especially if you’re coming from custom or open source platforms that typically require more maintenance and upkeep.
  • Innovation: BigCommerce is innovating at a rapid pace. This speaks of a platform continually investing to stay ahead of the landscape. These changes are easily integrated (some with no effort at all).
  • Features: BigCommerce has advanced features out of the box. You don't have to pay extra for abandoned cart reminders, shareable wishlists, multiple payment and shipping integrations, 99.99% uptime, and excellent customer support. This very fact often makes BigCommerce rise above its competition.
  • B2B: BigCommerce has a robust B2B suite that regularly sees significant improvements.
  • API: BigCommerce has a best-in-class API. This allows us to provide extensive customizations to the customer journey. This counteracts a potential downside of Software-as-a-Service platforms that often represent a black box.

The magic of Open-SaaS

eCommerce platforms span the gamut from open source (Adobe Commerce is mostly an example) to software as a service (SaaS), of which Shopify is the best example. Open source's value is full customization. Open source's downside is a higher total cost of ownership because upgrades are time-intensive and the platforms tend to be less stable. SaaS has seen tremendous adoption in recent years, but the black-box nature means merchants have more fixed guardrails that will discourage innovation.

BigCommerce sits squarely in the middle: the benefits from both open source and SaaS. The core product is SaaS, but it's connection points are so capable you can easily build significant customizations on top of BigCommerce. In fact, BigCommerce is an API-first platform. The API has more features than the publicly-accessible frontend or admin areas.

Services for BigCommerce merchants

We help you achieve your goals through BigCommerce development, optimization, consulting, and training.

BigCommerce UI/UX Design

We believe that design has to be functional, first, and beautiful, second. Our process starts with understanding your goals and vision. We bring our experience to the table to help shape a creative brief that will be what you want and simultaneously easy for the customer to navigate. Simplifying complex business requirements to an easy-to-use interface is difficult—and we love every opportunity to do this.

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Expert, Certified BigCommerce Development

Once the design has been settled, the next phase brings these concepts to life. Our developers are BigDev Certified and are capable of the deepest levels of customization that is possible. We believe in performant (green), maintainable and secure code, in fact, we teach others how to do this.

Optimization Services for BigCommerce

Once your website has been released into the wild, you will undoubtedly want additional features added. We will help determine what features will bring the most value to your customers and your administrative staff—and focus on building these. We also assist with regularly reviewing key metrics to identify additional areas of improvement.

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SwiftOtter and BigCommerce development

Why SwiftOtter and BigCommerce?

SwiftOtter has over a decade of ecommerce experience, building some of the most complex customizations in the industry. We can do this thanks to our best-in-class team (thanks, in part, to our deep people connections through our training offerings).

  • We are BigDev certified. The BigDev program is an intensive one-week program that brings a developer up to proficiency on using the platform.
  • We offer BigCommerce training (coming soon). We are excited to provide incredibly hands-on training.

Better yet, if you are currently on Magento 1 or 2 and are tired of the expensive maintenance costs, moving to BigCommerce will free up your budget to focus on ongoing improvement. Because we are also experts on Magento 1 and 2, we know the dark corners of the platform and can efficiently migrate you to BigCommerce.

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