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Become a powerhouse on the world's leading eCommerce platform.

Shopify Plus has seen tremendous success over the past few years. They are dumping billions into building new features, and brands, both small and large, are migrating. They have a larger app store and ecosystem than any other platform.

Based in Kansas City, in the heart of the United States, SwiftOtter is here to help you build, scale, and optimize your Shopify Plus website. We are ready to tackle your requirements and turn them into a product that will delight you.

We are a Shopify Partner

Since 2020. We are ready to build or improve your Shopify website.

eCommerce experts since 2016

We have been up and down the river countless times. We know where the opportunities are and how to avoid the dangerous whirlpools.

Well-versed in the market

Knowing the other technologies ensures a smooth and productive website project, ensuring quality data transfer and lower migration costs.

American company powered by Americans

No language barriers or 24-hour response cycles. We pride ourselves on swift and quality communication, eliminating your frustration.

Performance experts

Slow websites frustrate users and search engines. We know how to make your website run at top speed.

Shopify Leadership at SwiftOtter

Brandon Urich
eCommerce Veteran
Jon Guess
Merchant to eCommerce Strategist
Joseph Maxwell
Founder at SwiftOtter

How SwiftOtter can elevate your brand on Shopify

Shopify is a next-level platform that provides a high level of autonomy. We have seen some merchants tackle more straightforward website builds internally. SwiftOtter can provide a safety net or “insurance policy” to ensure the project is done right and on time. We can create the entire website and turn it over to you for maintenance, or we can create, deploy, and maintain it ourselves.

Shopify Design

We will help you identify the perfect theme for your website, or we can design the website of your dreams exactly as you imagine.

Shopify Theme Developments

We can customize your website as you wish. Or, we can take your custom design and turn it into a new Shopify theme.

eCommerce Planning & Discovery

What needs to happen? Why not put everything into the first phase? What does a Phase 2 and beyond roadmap look like?

Shopify Consulting

If you’re going to drive the migration process, we will happily support you through regular virtual conversations to ensure your questions are quickly answered.

Shopify Performance Audit

One of the most common complaints about Shopify is, “It’s so slow!”. Native Shopify is lightning fast. We identify what makes up the difference.

Additionally, we would appreciate the opportunity to consult with you to answer the following questions:

  • Platform Selection: Is Shopify the right platform? What will you think of it in 5-10 years?
  • eCommerce Strategy: What’s your long-term roadmap? How can you conquer the market and become the leader?
  • Business Analysis: How do your project requirements align with your long-term goals? How does each requirement map into the implementation? Is this completed through an app, a configuration or a customization?
  • Project Success Planning: How can we ensure this project's success? What obstacles may increase the timeline and budget?
  • App Review: Which apps are ideally suited to our requirements? Which ones should we avoid because they cause performance implications?
  • Conversion Optimization: How do we increase sales on our website? How do we prevent customers from getting frustrated and leaving our website?

What sets Shopify Plus apart?

Shopify is an outstanding choice for direct-to-consumer merchants that want a highly-scalable eCommerce platform. It powers thousands of brands, including some of the worlds largest.

Broad feature set

Shopify has set itself apart as the Direct-To-Consumer eCommerce platform. Brands, large and small, are utilizing it to grow their brand.

Robust ecosystem

No brand boasts such an extensive platform support network. “There’s an app for that.”

International ready

You can easily expand into foreign markets thanks to excellent translation and currency features.

How’s your Shopify project going?

We can get your project out of the "breakdown" ditch. If any of the following rings a bell for you, let's chat:

  • You have run into yet one more project delay? You were ready to go live, but found one more bug.
  • Your internal person is being pulled to other projects, and nothing has happened on the website.
  • You have a beautiful design, but the current implementation looks like a cheap replica.
  • Your not-yet-released website is slow, almost like watching paint dry.
  • You have some unexplained problems that cannot be solved, and you feel like you’re throwing money away.
  • Pricing data is not updated from your ERP or orders are not being downloaded from the website.

Shopify has enabled new levels of merchant autonomy. However, there are still challenges that must be answered and problems that must be sidestepped. We have observed, time and again, that a merchant’s happiness on a platform is directly related to the agency or internal team that is supporting it.

SwiftOtter will be a breath of fresh air for your team. We will build a project plan to identify immediate pain points and swiftly guide you in the right direction.

We are Kansas City natives

Our company founders, Joseph (pictured) and Jesse, were raised in Kansas City. They now reside in the Overland Park area with their families. While we are a remote workforce, the majority of our talent is in the United States making for easy and responsive communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you develop on both Shopify and Shopify Plus?

Yes. Shopify Plus is simply Shopify with more features and additional support options.

Do you only create new Shopify stores, or do you also take over existing projects for support?

We work with both. We can take you from “zero to hero” or tune up a project that’s been in the wild for some time.

How much does it cost to build a new Shopify website?

Depending on the project, we often recommend our accelerator program, which starts at $20,000. The focus at this point is a live website that answers most of your requirements. As you want additional customizations, the price will go up. If this is necessary, we often see projects start at the $50,000 mark and go up from there.

How long does it typically take to complete a Shopify project with you?

Our accelerator program can deliver you a functional, transactional website in a remarkable 4-6 weeks. If you need additional custom functionality, we will collaborate on how this affects the overall timelines.

How do we migrate from another platform to Shopify?

The migration process can be complicated, but it isn’t always. Data (products, categories, customers, customer addresses, orders, shipments, invoices, and more) needs to be moved. Configuration needs to be updated. A theme needs to be chosen, or a custom theme needs to be implemented.

Our process starts by investigating each aspect described above. How many records? What complexities are present? What customizations need to be accounted for on Shopify? What tools will best accommodate this?

Will I have ownership of the project code?

100% yes.

Let's get in touch!

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