Joseph Maxwell

2019 Magento Master. President of SwiftOtter. Solution Architect.

My Story

Hello friend, my name is Joseph. I have the privilege of leading the incredible team that's the force behind SwiftOtter.

I get great fulfillment by helping people produce more and solve problems. These efforts can be segmented into two groups: merchants and developers.

SwiftOtter is my full-time (and then some) job. My family brings me the greatest happiness: my wife and three children. We live in the Kansas City area, on the Kansas side. They are my most time-consuming hobby. But, you may find me occasionally repping a round of Mario Kart Tour.

Merchants: our primary bread-and-butter is serving online retailers. Ironically, I built a "shopping cart" when I was fifteen. It transacted over a half-million. It was, by no means, the bastion of excellence, but for a 15-year-old, I have to say that I'm still proud of such an accomplishment.

I started in Magento (now Adobe Commerce) in 2011. It was a pre-built "shopping cart" that already did everything needed to transact. For obvious reasons, I have yet to look back. We've led exciting projects where we have discovered solutions to complex challenges. Grandstand was a recent example where we took a completely failed project, rebuilt it according to their business needs, and released it into production.

Developers: I started writing software before the super-scary Y2K. And, yes, even mobile app development on the venerable Dell Axim: Time Tracker Pro. At 15, I achieved the A+ certification. Certifications have been in my blood since then. This was a momentous year for me as I released my handwritten shopping cart called "eStore Pro". While I would now agree that this code was about as severely intertwined as a bowl of delicious spaghetti, I'm pleased to say that this transacted a half million in revenue. Once this happened,

I passed every Magento 1 certification exam. Then, in 2018, I shared my notes with the community to prepare for the new Magento 2 Solution Specialist (now Business Practitioner) exam. The rest is history: like writing this book.

Joseph's Certifications