A Guided Course for Beginners on Magento 2 and Adobe Commerce

Learn exactly where to start on a platform that is inherently not beginner-friendly.

The Magento 101 Course—get started right on Adobe Commerce.

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Magento - available as Magento Open Source or Adobe Commerce - is recognized as one of the leading ecommerce platforms. With over 8 million lines of code, this is not an easy application to work with. Even with PHP experience, learning Magento requires a whole new way of thinking. Even simple tasks take more know-how on Magento than other platforms. You’ll encounter landmines, rabbit holes and pitfalls, and it’s hard to avoid them without a guide to warn you.

Searching for answers online yields results—but it’s difficult for a beginner to sort through the good and bad pieces of these answers. When you layer 40 problematic solutions on top of each other, what do you get? A house of cards. Often it’s the next upgrade that causes this to fall apart.

That begs the question: How do you get started on such a complex platform? You look to the brilliant minds here at SwiftOtter, of course. We’ve been in the Magento education space since 2018, and we’ve worked with some of the greatest minds within this community.

Whether you’re looking to start your own Magento Open Source project from scratch, or joining a team handling multiple enterprise sites on Adobe Commerce, this course takes you on a step-by-step guided journey to a solid foundation. This is not just a lecture series; this is a hands-on course where you will build a practical, useful feature in Magento.


  • 35+ lessons
  • Written content and videos
  • Step by step local development environment setup
  • Practical exercises building real features
  • A hands-on final exam where you’ll apply the knowledge you’ve gained
  • On demand: watch the videos and learn at your own pace
  • No expiration date: take your time going through the course, your access does not expire.


This isn’t your average 101 course that grazes over a mile worth of information and only goes an inch deep on everything. No, this is a SwiftOtter 101 course, and that means practical knowledge that you can actually put to use. Our mission with this course is to give you a solid foundation to begin working with Magento and feel comfortable doing so.  This course will teach you the crucial skills you need to start building real features on the platform.

Get the Badge

You put the time in to build this foundation of knowledge, so you deserve something to show for it. Once you complete this course, you will receive this official SwiftOtter badge. Add it to your LinkedIn profile to show off your achievement. This is the perfect start to your Adobe Commerce badge and certification collection.

Who is this for?

This course is for a variety of Magento newbies. Whether you’re a college graduate just starting your career in eCommerce or a veteran engineer simply jumping into Magento for the first time, you’ll find value in this course. Magento 101 is perfect for the hands-on learners who do best when they put the information they’re learning into practice as they go.

How much effort will this take?

The time that it takes you to complete this course will largely depend on your familiarity with the languages used (such as PHP) and how in-depth you go with the material. However, we estimate it will take many of our students around 30 hours to complete the course. Since this course is available in an on-demand format, you can start immediately after purchasing the course. You set the pace: watch the videos and do the work as you can fit the time in.

Why SwiftOtter?

The name “SwiftOtter” is ubiquitous with training and education within the Magento and Adobe Commerce space. Since 2018, we have helped nearly 10,000 developers get certified and master concepts like Adobe Commerce Cloud and GraphQL. 

We’ve gone back to the basics with Magento 101, because our community needs an in-depth beginners course. Is ‘in-depth 101 course’ a contradiction? Not for us. We approach all of our education materials with the same mindset: Our goal is not just to teach you the what, but the why and how as well. Not everyone has a Magento mentor to guide them toward best practices rather than relying on Internet searches, so this course should help serve as that guiding voice.

The Syllabus

Introduction and Setup

  • Development Environment Setup
  • Installing Magento
  • Outlining Our Feature Requirements

Chapter 1: Magento Basics

  • Filesystem Tour
  • Bootstrapping a Module
  • Key Concepts
  • CLI Commands and Workflows

Chapter 2: Foundation Module Concepts

  • Store Configuration Settings
  • Front-end Basics
  • Routing and Controllers

Chapter 3: Working with Data

  • Schema and Models
  • Building a Save Controller
  • Displaying Dynamic Data
  • Advanced Block Relationships

Chapter 4: CSS and JavaScript

  • Styling with CSS and Less
  • Magento JavaScript Concepts

Chapter 5: Themes

  • Theme Basics
  • Front-end Strategies


  • Most Important Tips
  • Most Common Pitfalls
  • Get Your Badge with the Final Exam