2023 Certification Challenge

Join almost 1,000 people who have committed to leveling up their career.


  • An 11-week sprint to get certified: February through May.
  • Bi-weekly live meetings (Google Calendar) on how to get certified quickly.
  • Get a badge you can show off on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Thursdays at 10am (-0500 UTC).
  • Initiated by Joseph Maxwell, the master of Adobe Commerce certifications.
  • Recommended: bi-weekly study groups for only $99 ($50 in India and the surrounding area).
  • Those who sign up and get certified get a free shirt.
  • Join the challenge community.
  • Once you earn your certification, submit your score.

Signing up is easy. Being committed is tough. Submit your scores now.

2023 Certification Challenge Badge

Get the badge

When you make the effort to get certified, you need to show this off to the world. We have just the thing you need: a badge to prove your participation in the challenge (after you get certified).

Join a Adobe Commerce study group

Work together to achieve success.

Study groups

Suppose you're like me (Joseph). Studying for a test is intimidating. Where do we start? What do we research? The topics are not only broad, but they are also profound. Thus, our first reaction is to put off this process "until next year".

These study groups are not your typical systematic review of the material. We assume you are doing this (might I plug our famous study material here?).

Join the study group here!

Instead, your study group leader will ask research-provoking questions. Everyone in the group has the opportunity to answer the questions.

Groups offered:

  • Business Practitioner
  • Expert Developer
  • Professional Developer
  • Frontend Developer

You get access to FIVE one-hour study groups. Join others who are highly motivated to get certified!

Why are you now charging for study groups?

Money means buy-in. If you invest your money, you're more likely to follow through. It's as simple as that. We'd charge $500 a person if we wanted to make money. But we aren't: 99USD (50USD for those in India, Pakistan, and the surrounding region).

Join the study group here.

Get the shirt

If you join the certification challenge AND you get certified, you get this shirt shipped to you for free, no matter where you live in the world.