Practice Test for Adobe Certified Business Practitioner

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Important Note:

Adobe refreshed this exam as AD0-708. It covers the same application, Adobe (Magento) Commerce, but the objectives are difference, and the questions are totally new. Our practice test has been updated!

Formerly: Magento 2 Solution Specialist exam. Now, Adobe Certified Expert Magento Commerce Business Practitioner (AD0-E708). New name, new time limit, same great content.

I have created a practice test to help you prepare for the Magento 2 Solution Specialist exam. This practice test has 92 questions (3 are free). The questions are presented in two pools. There is roughly one question per objective sub-point per pool of questions. After you complete the free questions, you will have the option to purchase the entire test or grade your answers.

The Expert Magento Commerce Business Practitioner test is an in-depth exam covering concepts related to commerce, but focusing on commerce. This test is considered fairly difficult as it requires such a broad knowledge.

Here are some topics that this test covers:

  • Using Magento (menus, options, location of features, tax rules, differences between Magento Open Source and Magento Enterprise).
  • Architecture and planning that goes into successfully building a new website on Magento. This includes some general knowledge around scaling Magento and the benefits of Magento Cloud.
  • SEO and UX best practices and basic terminology.
  • Application of business knowledge to a project. A big omni-channel focus and some of using ecommerce as solutions for retail challenges.
  • Legalities: VAT application, EU data safe harbor laws.

In preparing for the “big event,” nothing is better than a trial run. We have put together a sample practice test. Our sample test contains 36 questions (and counting).

Before you take this sample test, please purchase, read, and understand the Expert Magento Commerce Business Practitioner study guide we have put together. It is very thorough and comprehensive.

Commonly Missed Areas of the Practice Test:

Here is an overview of the subjects that are most commonly missed on the practice exam. This comes from many practice tests taken.

  • Custom functionality versus native functionality. Suggested study: familiarize yourself with the frontend of Magento. Memorize what is available and what isn't. Be careful to you a vanilla version for your study as one of the questions on the below exam pertaining to this has been answer correctly only 47% of the time.
  • Those obscure areas: the ones that absolutely no one uses. In my years of test-taking, it seems those that write tests like to draw questions from the far-out corners of a system. Again, this comes back to thoroughly knowing a system. This question has been answered 44% of the time.
  • Yes, details about the Magento API are important. You will likely have to work with it. If nothing else, you don't want to look bad in front of your client when they ask you general questions about it. This question has been answered correctly 47% of the time.

Suggestions for Using the Practice Exam:

  • Don’t memorize the answers. That is not the purpose of the test. The purpose is to show you what areas you are weak in.
  • These questions will NOT be found on the final exam. They are a sample of the type of questions we anticipate seeing.
  • If you get an answer wrong on a technicality, study what makes up the difference. Might you be thinking of Magento 1?
  • Take your time and think about each answer. Visualize any admin area answers.