eCommerce business user training

By the experts at SwiftOtter—learn to do it right, the first time.

SwiftOtter builds ecommerce websites. We have extensive experience both as a merchant (here on this website) and working with our clients. One way we help our merchants is by bottling up our learnings into digestible and transferrable packages—and share them with you.

We offer several courses that are of significant interest to merchants. Our specialties are in BigCommerce and Adobe Commerce.

President and Chief Trainer
Meet the author, Joseph

Joseph has over ten years of experience work with online merchants. If you think that's a boring start to a bio, you're right. Instead, Joseph's done crazy things like taking down websites, hiding bugs in websites and more (unintentionally, of course). While this has unfortunately happened, his superpower is getting websites back up and running (quickly), finding the root cause of a problem and helping guide merchants to success. The former literally induces a heart attack. The latter gives him great pride and happiness.

He lives in Kansas City (on the Kansas side) with his wife, three children and no pets.

Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Training

This extensive course is patterned after the objectives in the Adobe (AD0-E708) certification. Even if you don't plan on getting certified, this is the most visual and detailed reference on Adobe's Commerce platform.

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Merchandising Like a Hero—on Adobe Commerce

This platform is complex and, some cases, difficult to understand. Better yet, the official user guide provides some information, but it misses the context. This course is written by Joseph, a merchant and a consultant, on how to squeeze every drop of value from Adobe Commerce.

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Adobe Commerce to BigCommerce Playbook

Migrating to BigCommerce

If you're tired of endless upgrades, bugs and other frustrations, BigCommerce may be a better fit for you. We, at SwiftOtter, have written the guide for you.

This highly-condensed book gives you a quick picture of the process of moving to BigCommerce (hint: it's easier and cheaper than you might think). This guide contains a detailed list of BigCommerce's features and how they compare to Adobe Commerce, a discovery guide and a map for the migration process.

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