Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner (AD0-E708) Exam Preparation

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Here's how to crack the Adobe Commerce Certified Business Practitioner (AD0-E708) exam.

The Prep Course

Over and over, people say this is one of the hardest Magento tests. I have had people come to me saying that they have tried 2+ times, and failed.

As such, I put together a course that I have complete confidence will help you achieve this certification (provided you have at least 6 months of Magento 2 experience). As proof, I have many testimonials of those who have achieved certification with it.

This course includes a 100% pass guarantee (or we refund you money to retake), your own Commerce environment, with the B2B module (plus the study guide and practice test), and super practical coursework.

Our training materials are used by

not to mention hundreds of other wonderful companies and individuals...

What is included in the course?

The Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner is a 7-week class that will present and help you acquire the knowledge necessary for you to pass the test—guaranteed. In these classes, we present information to help you understand the material covered in the exam, work through practice questions, learn test-taking strategies and make homework assignments for the week.

Please understand that this is NOT a "here are the questions to memorize" type of class. Nor is it "here are some tricks to remember." Rather, our focus will be to help you acquire the knowledge you need to pass the test.

  • On-demand: webinars are released weekly, watch on your own timing. While it is pre-recorded, you have full availability of the exclusive community.
  • Your own Adobe Commerce environment with B2B enabled.
    This is available for three months. You can choose whenever you would like it to start.
  • Exclusive access to a discussion group.
  • Weekly exercises. We review your work to ensure that you are on a path to success.
  • Additional practice tests / quizzes.
  • Guaranteed. We have your back in preparing to achieve this certification. (Guaranteed level only)

What does the course cover?

This prep course prepares you to take (and pass) the Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Expert (formerly Magento 2 Solution Specialist) certification. The certification is a 60-question test covering how to use Adobe Commerce and map Adobe Commerce's solutions to a merchant's needs. It also tests a candidate's knowledge of some legalities, general ecommerce knowledge and conversion rate optimization.

Note: this course does not specifically cover the Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Professional (AD0-E712) exam. However, there is overlap and you can find benefit in that. If you are preparing for the Professional level exam, take the "Guided Prep Course" option. This is because our guarantee only applies if you have at least 8 months with Adobe Commerce.

Course objectives:

The course matches this test's objectives in the Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Expert study guide. If desired, this easily fits into a 7-week study program:

  • Week 1: Objective 1.1, Adobe Commerce features
  • Week 2: Objective 1, remainder, Remaining Adobe Commerce features
  • Week 3: Objective 2, Merchandising
  • Week 4: Objectives 3 and 4.1-4.4, Digital Marketing and Add-on Modules
  • Week 5: Objective 4.5-4.7 and Objective 5, Systems Architecture
  • Week 6: Objective 6, Compliance / Security
  • Week 7: Test-taking concepts (BONUS), final review

Who is this for?

This is for someone who is committed to passing the test. Our commitment is to help you achieve that.

Beyond that, for the Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Expert exam, we will approve candidates who have at least 8 months of experience in ecommerce and Magento 2 projects.

What will it take for me to pass this?

  • 1-2 hour/week classes.
  • 3-6 hours/week studying, completing exercises.
  • After you try for your certification, send us your results (we keep this private and use it to help improve our resources).

What if I fail?

Note, this is for the gold version only.

We are 100% committed to helping you pass the test—that is why we guarantee it. However, in the unlikely event that you fail the certification, here is what we will do:

  • We will talk with you (Skype, Slack) to determine your weaknesses.
  • We will then present you with a plan of study to resolve those weaknesses.
  • We will be available to you as you have further questions.
  • We will refund the amount for the certification retake (this will come from the fees that you paid for the course). Note that we will refund up to the total that you paid to join the course.

Note that our 100% guarantee lasts for 3 months from the time that you start up your sandbox. You can purchase the course and start the sandbox up at a later time. The reason for this is the knowledge we give you is fresh in your mind. The further from the teaching you go, the less you will remember and the more likely you are to fail. For us to honor the guarantee, we also require that 1) all coursework is completed and 2) that your practice test score is over 65% (in a 4-week window of time. For example, you take it on July 1, then again on July 15, so we look at your July 1 score).

That's the best guarantee in the industry. As you can see, we are committed to you passing.

What's the refund policy?

Full refund through the first week after you purchase the course. After that, no refunds. This course is an investment on both of our parts. Let's keep it that way.

We will also provide a partial refund each time you fail the exam (to retake the test). See the section above for details.

  • The Gold-level course with a guarantee is $600.
  • The initial Expert-level exam take is $300, and you pay for that. So your investment is a total of $900
  • If you fail and then are ready to take the test again, we refund you $240 ($300 with a 20% discount for retakes). You use that money to go buy another voucher.
  • If you fail again (hopefully not!), then we would give you another refund of $240.
  • If you fail again (this would be very disappointing!!) we would refund you the final $120.

We give the refund when you are ready to retake the test.

Scholarship Application

We would like to grant a scholarship to someone who is not in a financial position to pay for the course. We are looking for a candidate who is driven, self-motivated and willing to invest the time necessary to be successful in the course (ie, pass the test). If that is you, please apply below.

Scholarship Application

Course Syllabus

SECTION 1.1: Identify the features of Adobe Open Source Edition and Commerce Edition

  • Adobe Commerce: Admin Action Logging (3:20)
  • Adobe Commerce: Company Accounts (6:57)
  • Adobe Commerce: Content Staging (#1) (6:31)
  • Adobe Commerce: Content Staging (#2) (3:20)
  • Adobe Commerce: Customer Attributes (3:23)
  • Adobe Commerce: Customer Segments (5:31)
  • Adobe Commerce: Dynamic Blocks (5:20)
  • Adobe Commerce: Email Reminders (4:45)
  • Adobe Commerce: Gift Registry (3:52)
  • Adobe Commerce: Scheduled Import/Export (3:36)
  • Adobe Commerce: Line of Credit / Pay on Account (5:02)
  • Adobe Commerce: B2B Negotiable Quotes (2:41)
  • Adobe Commerce: Order Archive (2:30)
  • Adobe Commerce: Page Hierarchy (4:10)
  • Adobe Commerce: Private Sales (6:43)
  • Adobe Commerce: B2B Purchase Order (3:38)
  • Adobe Commerce: B2B Quick Order (0:40)
  • Adobe Commerce: Related Products (5:01)
  • Adobe Commerce: Reward Points (9:36)
  • Adobe Commerce: RMA (8:37)
  • Adobe Commerce: B2B Shared Catalog Implementation (3:49)
  • Adobe Commerce: B2B Shared Catalog Overview (2:02)
  • Adobe Commerce: Store Credit (5:40)
  • Adobe Commerce: Visual Merchandiser (1:10)
  • Adobe Commerce: Wishlist Sharing (1:05)
  • Adobe Commerce: Wishlist (4:05)

SECTION 1.3: Determine how to utilize product types and their features to meet customer requirements

  • Basic product features (8:58)
  • Product attribute management (7:32)
  • Pricing fundamentals (6:19)
  • Products in Store Configuration (10:15)
  • Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) (2:39)
  • Simple products (1:55)
  • Custom options (4:21)
  • Virtual products (0:47)
  • Configurable products (8:40)
  • Grouped products (3:11)
  • Bundled products (4:41)
  • Downloadable products (3:14)

SECTION 1.4: Interpret requirements and mock ups to determine if they can be met with native functionality

  • Reviewing design configuration (5:09)
  • Using mockups to identify core capabilities (1:16)

SECTION 1.5: Demonstrate knowledge of the admin panel and the location of common features

  • Admin grids (3:00)
  • Admin reports (2:24)
  • Admin security features (10:10)

SECTION 1: Core Features / General Configuration

  • 1.6: Demonstrate the ability import/export Adobe Commerce entities (5:58)
  • 1.7: Demonstrate how to restrict the Adobe Commerce data access with roles and permissions (2:00)
  • 1.8: Understand how to natively configure cart and checkout (6:15)
  • 1.9: Evaluate the native available shipping methods in Adobe Commerce and how they apply to common use cases (21:37)
  • 1.10: Understanding the ways to create and publish stylized content using the Adobe Commerce CMS features including PageBuilder (14:26)
  • 1.11: Using native tools to manage the order life cycle (11:33)
  • 1.12: Demonstrate the ability to configure the various gifting options (gift cards, gift wrapping, gift messages) (3:19)
  • 1.13: Configuring and modifying transactional emails (5:01)
  • 1.14: Explain the customer self service and loyalty program native features (16:38)

SECTION 2: Merchandising

  • 2.2 Demonstrate the ability to create promotions to meet specific business criteria and how it determines final pricing (14:52)
  • 2.3: Demonstrate ability to manage categories (10:44)
  • 2.4: Understanding the different pricing configurations and how they affect the final price (6:09)

SECTION 3: Digital Marketing

  • 3.1: Recommend best practices for SEO using native features (17:56)
  • 3.2: Assess common metrics in Google Analytics and BI (12:59)

SECTION 4: Add-on Modules and additional products

  • 4.1: Describe the B2B functionality and how it relates to common B2B scenarios (3:49)
  • 4.2: Analyze business requirements to suggest a solution using MSI (38:51)
  • 4.3: Explain the advantages and how to use BI to the Adobe Commerce solution (3:05)
  • 4.4: Distinguish the differences between native search and LiveSearch (2:00)
  • 4.5: Analyze business requires to determine how to apply taxes, duties and exemptions in a B2B environment (21:56)
  • 4.6: Understand how to apply tailored pricing to a B2B customer (1:14)
  • 4.7: Understand the differences between Adobe Commerce native product and Adobe Sensei product recommendations (1:35)

SECTION 5: Systems Architecture

  • 5.1: Evaluate requirements to determine which websites, stores, and store view are necessary (11:02)
  • 5.2: Identify and analyze performance metrics to make improvements (4:56)
  • 5.3: Understand the available methods to integrate external system with Adobe Commerce (5:29)
  • 5.4: Differentiate between headless approaches and traditional (3:29)

SECTION 6: Compliance / Security

  • 6.1: Demonstrate how to secure the Adobe Commerce data access with roles and permissions (2:39)
  • 6.2: Understand basics of compliance for privacy laws and payment security (11:27)
  • 6.3: Explain common security aspects of an Adobe Commerce project (8:15)
  • 6.4: Understand the basics of tax laws and how to configure

Study Guide Includes:

  • Insight into commonly-missed areas of the practice test (the areas you might want to study more).
  • The Magento study guide plus over a 100 pages of comments.
  • Easy-to-read format (PDF).

Test ID was previously: AD0-E716