The Complete Adobe Commerce vs BigCommerce Guide

You'll find nothing like this online: the most comprehensive guide comparing Adobe Commerce and BigCommerce.

Online research has become increasingly frustrating. Articles still rank that are marketing pieces or pure fluff. The reader is left scratching their head thinking, "how was that article even worth the carbon footprint that powers it?"

You will see that this article on SwiftOtter is different. This is the most comprehensive comparison of Adobe Commerce and BigCommerce on the internet. No filters, minimal opinions, and is up-to-date with the latest feature set. Jump to an article below to get started.

If the thought of slogging through 180 pages of content leaves you feeling like you are trying to digest the Encylopedia of eCommerce Engineering, don't worry! We've got a solution: download our pint-sized 21-page comparison and get the lowdown on these platforms faster than a cheetah on an espresso shot. It's like e-commerce knowledge in bite-sized, easily digestible nuggets!

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We have invested many hours into compiling this detailed list of Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento 2) and BigCommerce features—and pitting them against each other.

Want it shorter?

After we built the comparisons about Adobe Commerce and BigCommerce, the first feedback we received was, "It's longer than a giraffe's necktie at a formal event." That is a fair point, as not everyone's looking for an epic saga of eCommerce comparisons. We performed a magical shrink spell and turned the book into a scannable format that's 15% of the original size. Think of it as the "fun-sized" candy bar of e-commerce knowledge.

Don't worry, we didn't sneak in any secret ingredients or throw in a pinch of our personal taste. We're not here to spice things up with our opinions. Instead, we present the essential recipe for transitioning from Adobe Commerce to BigCommerce.

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