This course is built by Joseph Maxwell—a 2019 Magento Master. He helped write the Magento Business Practitioner (Solution Specialist) test, and has written hundreds of pages of study material for Magento Certifications.
His training course for the Business Practitioner was thorough and was instrumental in helping my team pass with flying colors.
—CEO, 121ecommerce


Guaranteed and personalized help in making you a certified Adobe Magento 2 Business Practitioner.

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Note: this test used to be titled Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist. It is now AD0-E708 Adobe Certified Expert Magento Commerce Business Practitioner.

Want to really show your prowess?

Could there be a credential that carries more weight than the Adobe Certified badge? That's a difficult task, but we believe we've done it. You see, the Adobe test is tough. But, SwiftOtter's preparation for the test is much broader and deep. Thus, once you work through this course and achieve the test, shoot us an email with your credentials and we will issue this beauty to you to feature on your LinkedIn profile.

The SwiftOtter Trained Business Practitioner Developer badge
  • 7 weeks
    10 hours of video instruction.
  • Commerce access
    Your own Magento Commerce environment (with B2B).
  • $350 OR 600 per person
    Read below for what's included.
  • On-demand format
    Learn on your own time.
  • 100% pass guaranteed
    (Gold version) What's there to lose?
  • Agencies love it
    We get your people certified.
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Yours truly, Joseph Maxwell
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Discussion group access
To answer your questions
Course work review
By a human. Ensures you are on the right track.
Guaranteed pass!
Should you fail, we will 1) refund back the amount to retake the test and 2) work with you to build a plan to brush up on your weak areas.
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The Wall of Happiness:

  • The Swift Otter course, together with Joseph’s guidance and insight, enabled me to go into the test with confidence -- and got me that certification!
    Aaron—Certified Business Practitioner
  • Your course was a lot of fun. You explain everything really well and you are always very helpful, if you have questions. After your prep course I was really well prepared and sure that I can do the exam.
    Adam—Certified Business Practitioner
  • Joseph's course is the most complete course preparation for the Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist Exam. The videos are very concise and build the perfect study material together with the study guide. I have started Joseph's course after working with Magento for only 5 months and passed the exam less than 3 months later with 80%. Thank you so much!!!
    Louisa—Certified Business Practitioner
  • I found I didn't have all the required knowledge for the Solution Specialist certificate, so I had to prepare somehow. I found SwiftOtter course the perfect match. It is very well planned, it is frequently updated, and it covers all the test areas.
    Nicholas—Certified Business Practitioner
  • The course help me a lot to pass the test for many reasons, but most because of the organization, the practice exercises and the support of the Slack discussion area.
    Jennifer—Certified Business Practitioner
  • I found the structure of weekly webinars followed by further reading, practical discoveries and graded exercises to be a really effective way to gain and reinforce knowledge. By the end of the course I felt fully prepared to sit the exam, and passed within a week of the final webinar.
    Ben—Solution Specialist
  • The Swiftotter Solutions Specialist course made all the difference for me. I had struggled with the test previously, but after I went through the course I was able to substantially improve my scores in all four areas of the test. The course breaks down all the information you need, gives you good hands on experience, while also giving you strategies on HOW to take the test. The SwiftOtter Solutions Specialist course gave me the confidence I needed to pass this test.
    Scott—Certified Business Practitioner
  • Without the SwiftOtter course I would never have manage to learn the system and manage the exam. It is very real to the subject and just put in your time and energy and you will learn for life.
    Anneli—Certified Business Practitioner
  • Right now I am successfully applying these skills and knowledge when working on projects, dealing with clients and I feel self confident that matters a lot for me as a project manager.
    Alina—Certified Business Practitioner
  • Thank you for pulling together this course! Your support and feedback along the way helped me to see where my weak areas and to better understand where I needed to concentrate my studies. The focused and structured format of the course meant I stayed on track and had accountability to get it done.
    Nicole—Certified Business Practitioner
  • Swiftotter Solution Specialist Prep Course is extremely productive. It is designed to learn all Magento features in 6 weeks, however after purchasing it i had no time to start it for the first month. I decided to make it fast, in two weeks, and i did it! I passed the test! Information in course is well-structured as well as practice tasks give knowledge of admin panel and all complex relationships between different 'entities' in Magento. I would definitely recommend this course to anybody who wants to get real skill with Magento and pass the certification.
    Constantine—Certified Business Practitioner
  • SO has produced a clear and organized series of lectures on the Magento Solution Specialist test material. The solutions specialist study guide is complementary to the lectures. It not only highlights all the main points needed to pass the test, but it also provides links to resources that discuss the course topics more in depth. Every student also has access to a Magento 2 Commerce practice site that allow them to get a hands on exercise of almost all the important features of Magento. They even provide sets of discovery exercises to guide the student in how to put the concepts into practice. Any serious student has everything they need to pass the test even without having any work experience on a Live Magento site!
    Meyer—Certified Business Practitioner
  • Even with 2 years of intensive Magento experience, there were plenty of gaps that I needed to fill to get Certified. The prep course and the Study Guide helped me fill those critical gaps and pass with confidence!
    Akiva—Certified Business Practitioner
  • You're the best tutor I've encountered in my career. With your course, you gave me the possibility to bring at home this certification in 2 months... Really an incredible achievement. I hope to study for other certifications in the future on your website.
    Marcin—Certified Business Practitioner
  • The course really helped me prepare for the exam and the sandbox environment is a perfect way to learn Magento in practice. It is a good solution even if you do not intend to take the exam.
    Roberto—Certified Business Practitioner
  • Just wanted to say thanks for providing a great course. Found the material easy to follow and the examples great to test skills.
    Stuart—Certified Business Practitioner
  • Solution Specialist–Prep Course was my number one tool when preparing for the exam. The videos, study guide and the practise test prepared me really well and made me confident going to the exam. I was really happy with my result.
    Saroj—Certified Business Practitioner
  • I am glad to part of the Swiftotter Solution Specialist course , because it is not only helped me passed the exam and become first Magento 2 certified solution specialist of my country, also bring my knowledge to next level to help the merchants tackles their Magento shop issues.
    Mohammad—Certified Business Practitioner (from our scholarship program)
  • The Swiftotter Solution Specialist Prep Course and test exams were an essential part of my certification. The course helped focus my studying and strengthen my existing knowledge; plus fill in some gaps on areas I don't use regularly. An essential resource if you're preparing to take the test.
    Jake—Certified Business Practitioner
  • Just wanted to thank you for the course! The video were very helpful, as well as the sandbox. I only worked so far with the Open Source edition, so it was very interesting to get hands on experience with the Commerce version and the B2B module.
    Maxime—Certified Business Practitioner
  • Because I heard the exam was very difficult, I directly decided to start with the Business Practitioner Training from Swiftotter. This course really helped me a lot to succesfully pass the exam. I am very satisfied about the content of the course and I really appriciate all personal help!
    Simone—Certified Business Practitioner
  • A massive thanks to Joseph and the team for their tireless advice and support in passing the Magento 2 Solution Specialist exam. The course modules and content provided the detail I needed to pass, but the community, discussion and dedicated support I received meant I passed first time and now work for an e-commerce company using all that I trained for. Thanks guys!
    Al—Certified Business Practitioner
  • The course was amazing. I've worked with Magento for a few years and I discovered a lot of things regarding Magento with the course. I'm more confident about my knowledge of Magento.
    Xavier—Certified Business Practitioner
  • Your Magento practitioner course was a real help for clearing the certification. Cannot thank you enough for the invaluable, hands on guidance.
    Rohit—Certified Business Practitioner
  • And many more!

What does the course cover?

This prep course prepares you to take (and pass) the Magento 2 Solution Specialist certification. The certification is a 60-question test covering how to use Magento and how to map Magento's solutions to a merchant's needs. It also tests a candidate's knowledge of some legalities, general ecommerce knowledge and conversion rate optimization.

Course objectives:

The course matches the objectives laid out in the Magento study guide for this test. If desired, this easily fits into a 7-week study program:

  • Week 1: Objective 1, eCommerce concepts, B2B module, Multi-Source Inventory
  • Week 2: Objective 2, Magento Architecture, Hosting, API, Scopes
  • Week 3: Objective 3 (Part 1), Magento admin and security features, content staging, sales
  • Week 4: Objective 3 (Part 2), Selling features, content management system and reporting
  • Week 5: Objective 4, requirements gathering, internationalization, legal compliance with the Magento application, returns
  • Week 6: Objective 5, catalog features
  • Week 7: Test-taking concepts (BONUS), final review

What is included in the course?

The Magento Business Practitioner is a 7-week class that will present and help you acquire the knowledge necessary for you to pass the test—guaranteed. In these classes, we present information to help you understand the material covered in the exam, work through practice questions, learn test-taking strategies and make homework assignments for the week.

Please understand that this is NOT a "here are the questions to memorize" type of class. Nor is it "here are some tricks to remember." Rather, our focus will be to help you acquire the knowledge you need to pass the test.

  • On-demand: webinars are released weekly, watch on your own timing. While it is pre-recorded, you have full availability of the exclusive community.
  • Your own Magento 2 Commerce environment with B2B enabled.
    This is available for three months. You can choose whenever you would like it to start.
  • Exclusive access to a discussion group.
  • Weekly exercises. We review your work to ensure that you are on a path to success.
  • Additional practice tests / quizzes.
  • Guaranteed. We have your back in preparing to achieve this certification.

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$600, guaranteed pass. You can also preview the course here.

Who teaches it?

Joseph Maxwell, Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer
Joseph Maxwell leads and instructs it. He is a Magento Certification Advisory board member and has participated in Magento certification development. He also has almost every Magento certification.

Who can join?

This is for someone who is committed to passing the test. Our commitment is to help you achieve that.

Beyond that, we will approve candidates who have at least 8 months of experience in ecommerce and Magento 2 projects.

What is involved with participating?

  • 1-2 hour/week classes.
  • 3-6 hours/week studying, completing exercises.
  • After you try for your certification, send us your results (we keep this private and use it to help improve our resources).

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$600, guaranteed pass. You can also preview the course here.

What if I fail?

Note, this is for the gold version only.

We are 100% committed to helping you pass the test—that is why we guarantee it. However, in the unlikely event that you fail the certification, here is what we will do:

  • We will talk with you (Skype, Slack) to determine your weaknesses.
  • We will then present you with a plan of study to resolve those weaknesses.
  • We will be available to you as you have further questions.
  • We will refund the amount for the certification retake (this will come from the fees that you paid for the course). Note that we will refund up to the total that you paid to join the course.

Note that our 100% guarantee lasts for 3 months from the time that you start up your sandbox. You can purchase the course and start the sandbox up at a later time. The reason for this is the knowledge we give you is fresh in your mind. The further from the teaching you go, the less you will remember and the more likely you are to fail. For us to honor the guarantee, we also require that 1) all coursework is completed and 2) that your practice test score is over 65% (in a 4-week window of time. For example, you take it on July 1, then again on July 15, so we look at your July 1 score).

That's the best guarantee in the industry. As you can see, we are committed to you passing.

What's the refund policy?

Full refund through the first week after you purchase the course. After that, no refunds. This course is an investment on both of our parts. Let's keep it that way.

We will also provide a partial refund each time you fail the exam (to retake the test). See the section above for details.

Here's an example:
  • The course is $600
  • The initial take is $300, and you pay for that. So your investment is a total of $900
  • If you fail and then are ready to take the test again, I refund you $240 ($300 with a 20% discount for retakes). You use that money to go buy another voucher.
  • If you fail again (hopefully not!), then I would give you another refund of $240.
  • If you fail again (this would be very disappointing!!) I would refund you the final $120.

One thing to note is that we give the refund when you are ready to retake the test.

How do I join?

Right here.

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Your choice: $350 or $600. You can also preview the course here.

Scholarship application

We would like to grant a scholarship to someone who is not in a financial position to pay for the course. We are looking for a candidate who is driven, self-motivated and willing to invest the time necessary to be successful in the course (ie, pass the test). If that is you, please apply below.

Scholarship application Right Arrow
Joseph Maxwell - president / senior developer at Swift Otter

President / senior developer at SwiftOtter - @swiftotter_joe