Adobe has recently updated this exam, AD0-E704, to be compatible with Adobe Commerce 2.4.4. The study guide you purchase here is no longer up to date. We are working our hardest to get this set.

  • Important note: I was just notified that this code does not work on PHP 7.3 (yikes). I'm fixing this up.
  • 251 pages of in-depth and quality content.
  • Includes 6 practice test takes.
  • Guaranteed to help you pass.

Guaranteed to help you become a certified Master Magento Commerce Architect.

  • 225 pages
    Complete your understanding.
  • 24 example modules
    Get practical experience.
  • Includes 6 practice test takes
    Ensure you're ready.
  • 100% money-back guarantee
    What's there to lose?
  • Agencies love it
    We get your people certified.

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What others say:

If you are developing in Magento Commerce, reading this should be on your to-do list!

Gregor, developer at RocketWeb

This guide is comprehensive. As someone who's worked on Magento 2 for a while now, I consistently learned new things about Magento 2 all the way through the guide. Highly recommended.

Joshua, developer at MedioType

Got the big one! The Magento 2 Professional Developer Plus. This was a tough one! Thanks to PureClarity for backing me to do this, and to SWIFTotter, Inc. for the awesome study guide (well worth the cost!)!

Gareth, developer at PureClarity

What does this ebook cover?

The Professional Developer Plus represents the next level certification for Magento backend development knowledge. It is our estimation that passing this test means you are in the top 5% of developer candidates. As agencies recognize the value of this certification, these developers will become in even more demand. To pass, you must achieve a score of 62% or higher.

What is this ebook?

If you desire to achieve this test, look no further than our study guide. We have invested many hours in writing this guide with the goal of helping you be certified as a Magento Certified Professional Developer Plus. In this study guide, we have included:

  • 225 pages of instruction and examples to fill in your understanding of Magento topics.
  • 100+ practical demonstrations pointing you to where you need to go in the Magento code to better grasp these concepts.
  • 24 modules demonstrating common Magento customizations to provide more context and deeper understanding.
  • 2 months of practice test access to determine your readiness to take (and pass) the test.
  • 100% money-back guarantee to prove our commitment to helping you pass.

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Who should purchase?

Good question. First, you need to have access to Commerce code. You might be able to pass with out access to this code, but it's going to be close to impossible.

Beyond access to Commerce code, we see two groups of people who will benefit:

  1. Those with 1+ years of experience developing websites on Magento Commerce who are seeking to achieve the certification.
  2. Those without the necessary experience, but wish to learn and expand their knowledge, but are not seeking to achieve the certification.

Of these two groups, both will benefit. We have written 24 modules that are also included which will provide more insight and experience. However, the chances of a beginner going through the study guide and passing is very, very slim. Experience over the course of a year is what is needed.

This is a risk-free purchase

We stand behind the learning opportunities we provide. That is why everything that is paid from SwiftOtter is guaranteed. If you purchase this study guide and fail the test, we will refund your money paid for the study guide. That is generous (especially in today's era of ever-shrinking customer service).

As such, we ask for your common-sense in determining whether you are ready to take the test. The price of this study guide is still less than the price of the test. If you are a beginner, feel free to purchase the course as a learning aid, but we do not recommend going for the test. If you are hoping for a microchip that you can implant that will help you pass the test, this is not that microchip. However, if you have Magento 2 development experience under your belt, are motivated and wish to get waist-deep in code and apply yourself, then use this to prepare!

We need to apply these restrictions on the guarantee: 1) guarantee applies for 3 months after the purchase date. 2) you must send us your official Magento test scores. Refunds are still our discretion, but we seek to provide the best customer service possible.

Scholarship information

We believe in supporting everyone. One of the difficult parts of deciding to charge for this study guide is that this would exclude people who cannot afford the guide. So, we have decided to offer 2 scholarships a month. This number could increase depending on the demand. If you truly cannot afford the study guide, please apply here for a scholarship.

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Points worth noting:

  • The test can be taken at a testing center or at home. You must have a decent internet connection with at least 1MB up and down.
  • Magento encourages you to have at least 2 years of Magento 2 backend development experience.
  • You can find basic information about the test here.

Concepts covered (Magento 2.3) in the Magento Professional Developer Plus test

  • Custom configuration files, complex dependency injection customizations.
  • uiComponent architecture, adjustments of data providers.
  • Layout tree customizations, debugging.
  • Understanding of Magento database implementations, models, resource models, collections.
  • API ACL customizations.
  • Adjustments in workflow due to staging. Setup scripts. EAV.
  • Customization of the Magento admin, login process.
  • Complex grids and forms.
  • Deep catalog customizations for complex business applications.
  • Updates to pricing and indexing.
  • Catalog staging
  • Checkout process: quotes, taxes, discounts, API.
  • Checkout adjustments, especially focusing on the API.
  • Message queues, customer segmentation, gift cards, RMA.
  • Customization of target rules
  • Security
Joseph Maxwell - president / senior developer at Swift Otter

President / senior developer at SwiftOtter - @swiftotter_joe