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SwiftOtter is the de-facto source for Adobe certification and BigCommerce training. We have helped thousands of developers and merchant-facing people achieve certification.

Joseph started this initiative in 2018 with the simple goal of getting the brand-new Business Practitioner certification. His standard methodology was to review the small outline that Magento (at the time) provided. He added at least 10x of the content to ensure every stone was turned over. He wanted to help others as a community member, so he shared it. And thus began the journey.

Today, SwiftOtter is the largest provider of Adobe Commerce and BigCommerce training material—and we are proud to continue this investment.

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Did you know your position on the Adobe Partner portal directly relates to the number of certified people on your team? We can help you get higher on the page. We have helped companies like IBM, Accenture, Youwe, Adobe, O2Web, Shero and many more.

We offer discounts for pre-built training (courses, study guides and practice tests) and customized programs to bring your team up to speed. Contact us to get your discount.

General Courses

SwiftOtter makes significant investments in growing our developers. These courses are the outflow of these efforts.

NEW! Become a hero on BigCommerce theming

Less than 20 hours to achieve proficiency.

We are thrilled to introduce our first BigCommerce course. BigCommerce is an ideal step into the SaaS world—coming from an open-source background. That said, there is a significant unknown. Chris Nanninga sits down with you and walks you through what you need to know in a practical yet concise manner.

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Get started with Adobe Commerce (Magento 2)

Learn Adobe Commerce (Magento 2), the right way. Chris Nanninga, the trainer in this course, has walked in your steps. He remembers the pitfalls and challenges he faced to achieve his expert status. He has completed many successful Adobe Commerce builds.

The result is a course that is solidly built on years of experience. Consider Chris a senior developer who sits down next to you to walk you, step-by-step, through learning this complex application.

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Navigating GraphQL in Adobe Commerce

GraphQL is here to stay as it powers the link between a frontend PWA and the backend (Adobe Commerce). Remember when the REST protocol seemed obtuse. GraphQL is even worse. But, that's only until you get into it. GraphQL makes perfect sense for the cases in which it was designed for.

Chris details not only how to grok GraphQL, but also how to build performant queries and mutations. This course is also designed to help you achieve the Master Architect exam.

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Grokking Adobe Commerce Cloud

Adobe Commerce Cloud is Adobe's hosting platform for Adobe Commerce (Magento 2). We distill what you need to know into easily-understandable video lessons. This course walks you away from minefields that will cause problems down the road and toward best practices you'll appreciate through the course of time.

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We have long believed in having destinations for training. It's one thing to invest time in learning something new, but it's another thing to have something tangible to show for it. While you don't need to take the test at the end of these courses, you will be 100% prepared and ready to go.

Adobe Commerce Expert Business Practitioner

This certification is for solution architects, project managers, and account executives—anyone who interfaces with online retailers. It's not quite as challenging as getting "the ring" back to Mordor, but you also don't want to underestimate its difficulty. Joseph has helped hundreds of pros achieve this certification.

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Adobe Commerce Professional Developer with Cloud

The professional test is the "easiest" in the Adobe Commerce line-up. But don't let that fool you.

Our course builds an excellent foundation. This also includes our Cloud course. It bypasses many beginner pains developers face when starting on Adobe Commerce. Even if you have worked with Adobe Commerce for years, you will still come away with new ideas.

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Adobe Commerce Expert Developer with Cloud

We have it here for you if you're looking for a challenge. Perhaps you don't think you have the skill necessary to achieve this certification. That's ok because we will help you get there.

This test shows that you have a deep knowledge of customizing Adobe Commerce. If you were wondering, there is no "without Cloud" version of this test. You will see 22 Cloud-related questions on this test. We have you covered: you will also get access to our Cloud course.

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Adobe Commerce Expert Frontend Developer

If you are ready to prove your expertise (pun intended) on frontend development, look no further. This test was recently updated to contain additional questions about Javascript and Knockout in Magento.

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Adobe Commerce Master Architect

The créme of the crop, crown jewel test that covers Adobe Commerce. As of January 2023, Adobe has changed the pass score to 54% for this test.

Find more information on the Master Architect page or get the GraphQL course, a stepping stone to achieving Master Architect

Retired exams

Adobe Commerce Expert Javascript Developer (AD0-E705)

Adobe has merged this test into the Adobe Commerce Expert Frontend Developer (AD0-E710) exam. See our exam preparation here.

Adobe Commerce Professional Developer (AD0-E711)

As you see above, Adobe has dropped the Cloud and original Professional developer certifications into a combo exam. This happened in early December 2022.

Adobe Commerce Expert Developer (AD0-E708)

Where one goes, there goes more: the Expert developer received the same fate. This underscores Adobe's focus on its Cloud offering. Thus we adapt and push forward.

The book

Joseph is passionate about helping developers. He has written one book called The Art of Ecommerce Debugging. Who knows? Maybe more is coming?

Book + Course
The Art of Ecommerce Debugging

You have probably faced a nightmare situation. Management is breathing down your neck not understanding why you can't fix this problem. Maybe the problem isn't so urgent, but rather, it's a long-lasting bug that pops up here and there. Perhaps you have a #random problem. The list could be a mile long. This is the lot that we ecommerce developers face.

Joseph has over ten years of experience building great applications (along with some troubleshooting, too). He has fixed every type of problem—and in doing so, he developed a system that will avoid wasting time.

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