Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer Study Guide

Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer Study Guide

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Special Note

The Associate Developer Study Guide is the same as for the Professional Developer Guide. It will be labeled Professional Developer Guide when you download it.


We are excited to release the updated study guide to provide knowledge to assist in your preparation (covering Magento 2.3).


Yes, we will refund the money you paid for the study guide if you fail. However, having participated in writing this exam, just reading this study guide will not assure you of a passing score. You are spending $75 on a study guide for a $200 test, so it is important that you thoroughly study and practice. In order for us to provide a refund, you will need to have one of the first two practice test takes within a 4-week rolling window be over 65%.

We are excited that our own Joseph Maxwell participated in the development of this test (and has successfully passed it too). The test will be 90 minutes with 61 questions. It is designed for a PHP developer that is new to Magento 2, but has completed the Magento U Fundamentals course. It continues the new trend of scenario-based questions testing your knowledge of Magento instead of your capacity for memorization.

Points worth noting:

  • Can be taken at a testing center or at home. Note that you must have a decent internet connection with at least 1MB up and down.
  • Expects you to have taken the Magento U Development Fundamentals course (or equivalent knowledge), plus some additional study.
  • Is easier than the Professional Developer exam. In US labor industry terms, the Associate developer exam is to an apprentice as the Professional developer exam is to a master.
  • Magento is still building the study guide for this test. However, you can see basic information for the test here.
Joseph Maxwell, Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer
Joseph Maxwell participated in the development of the Magento Certified Associated Developer exam. It covers the fundamentals of Magento development focusing on the framework and structure of the system. Download our study guide to delve into these important topics.

SwiftOtter, Inc.
It relates to CSS, Javascript, Magento 2, Front end development and Back end development.
Joseph Maxwell - president / senior developer at Swift Otter

President / senior developer at SwiftOtter - @josephmaxs