Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer Study Guide

Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer Study Guide

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Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer test is here!

And we have an awesome study guide to help you pass.

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This test is a 60 question, 90 minute exam. As of March 2018, it can be taken in the quiet, comfort of your home or office—you don't have to go to a testing center! This test is exclusively scenario-based questions: a stage is set, the question is asked based on that information and answers are provided. This type is not found on any other Magento certification and brings a tremendous improvement to the test-taking experience. Magento U's information is found here.

Magento provides an abbreviated study guide of general topics (available here).

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The study guide is here. It has 177 pages full of helpful and informative content. The goal of the study guide is to fill in knowledge voids. This not only makes you a better developer, but will help you pass the test.

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Writing and publishing these guides takes hundreds of hours. For a small company like us, that's a big endeavor: for you. We do it for free—nothing is expected from you, other than that you take and digest the material, making you a better developer.

But, if you have found our study guides helpful and you have some extra cash in your training budget, we would be grateful.

Joseph Maxwell, Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer
Joseph Maxwell is one of the first to have taken and passed the Certified Developer exam. The test is well written and comprehensive. Study is very important—if you want to pass.

Magento’s study guide is brief, leaving the developer to fill in the blanks. Here is an example of Magento's study guide:

1.1 Describe Magento’s module-based architecture
Describe module limitations. How do different modules interact with each other? What side effects can come from this interaction?

Our expanded study guide contain several paragraphs of information to answer that question, along with each of the other topics and objectives in Magento’s abbreviated study guide. We our expanded study guide contains over 175 pages of study resources.

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Magento 2 Certified Developer exam concepts:
  • Magento architecture, including Composer.
  • Magento system requirements (Linux, Apache/Nginx, Redis, etc.)
  • Best practices, extending core functionality, plugins, preferences, overrides
  • XML layouts, blocks, layout handles, UI components (ugh)
  • API, creating new endpoints, usage of interfaces, authentication
  • Models, data access, repositories, data searches,.

This is not an easy test.

It requires study. Here are some community reactions to the test from some of the best in the industry:

SwiftOtter, Inc.
It relates to CSS, Javascript, Magento 2, Front end development and Back end development.
Joseph Maxwell - president / senior developer at Swift Otter

President / senior developer at SwiftOtter - @josephmaxs