GraphQL in Adobe Commerce Course

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Navigating GraphQL in Adobe Commerce

Zero to hero. Videos. Practical Project. Trophy Completion Badge. 8-12 hours to complete. Join the thousands of people using SwiftOtter's materials.

What's the deal?

GraphQL has quickly become the industry standard for how powerful client-side applications (like Progressive Web Apps) talk to a backend. Its flexibility gives it the edge over traditional API schemes for powering nimble applications without creating data transfer bottlenecks. However, because of this, there is a significant learning curve.

As is the case with so many of its underlying technologies, Adobe Commerce has its own approach to GraphQL, increasing that learning curve with a host of new concepts to master in order to effectively architect GraphQL on the platform.

This course is your key to learn GraphQL on Magento in a comprehensive and efficient manner.


This is a Zero to Hero course.

We will take you from potentially having no knowledge of GraphQL to being an expert on Adobe Commerce’s implementation of the protocol, including the ability to architect new schema, build out efficient data resolvers, and leverage the power of page caching!


  • 9 diagrams
  • Over 40 practical lessons (including deep dives)
  • 20 in-depth videos
  • And more!

Get the Badge

You're right. We are pros at helping smart people achieve Adobe certifications. And we love doing that. But there's no Adobe GraphQL test.

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Who is this for?

This course is for developers who are facing a headless e-commerce project on Adobe Commerce and want to ensure they produce the very best solution—for the first time.

Who will receive value from this course?

  • Backend developers: You are staring down the gun at this GraphQL thing and you don't know what to do.
  • Frontend developers: Yes, you, too. We dive into GraphQL in a practical way. And, you'll probably get stuck with creating a new endpoint at some time. Learn it now.
  • Those geniuses who are looking to get Master Architect certified: If we ever said a test was tough to crack, Master Architect gets this designation. 84% score to pass?! Yep, this course was born out of our frustrations to pass this test.
  • Agency owners: Headless is a common conversation. You're going to have such a project come along. It is your responsibility to ensure your team is knowledgeable on these topics. Get them upskilled (quickly) now.

Meet the "Prof"

Chris Nanninga has been a software engineer for nearly 20 years and has specialized in the Magento (Adobe Commerce) platform for over a decade. Over the course of his journey working for eCommerce agencies, he's been heavily involved with almost every aspect of software delivery, from writing complex front-end and back-end code to scoping client requirements to overseeing production and release strategy for product offerings. Chris has been a mentor to junior developers, a technical lead on merchant sites both small and large, and a solutions architect translating the needs of product owners into executable development plans. His background in writing and communication, combined with his engineering experience, has often put him on the front lines of standards development, process documentation, and training, whatever his role.

See the course contents

We have recorded videos on just the right topics to help you quickly gain the necessary knowledge. It is our goal to ensure your time is spent efficiently.

  • 01 Existing Queries - Overview
  • 02 Store Config Query
  • 03 Products Query
  • 04 Product Attributes and Filtering
  • 05 Mutations
  • 06 Schema
  • 07 Our Custom Scenario
  • 08 Requirements
  • 09 Prerequisites (6:32)
  • 10 Creating the Basic Schema (12:31)
  • 11 Resolvers (16:18)
  • 12 Asynchronous Resolvers (11:47)
  • 13 Creating the Countries Resolver (26:40)
  • 14 See the Code
  • 15 Context (5:18)
  • 16 Authorization (4:14)
  • 17 Use Context for Shipping Policies (7:37)
  • 18 Shipping Policy Callback Mutation (15:47)
  • 19 See the Code
  • 20 Chapter 2 Summary
  • 01 Deep Dives - Intro
  • 02 Deep Dive - Config Reading (22:48)
  • 03 Deep Dive - Schema Building (13:11)
  • 04 Deep Dive - Query Execution (16:14)
  • 05 Product Attribute Readers
  • 06 Product Types
  • 07 Type Resolvers
  • 08 Staging
  • 09 Query Limites
  • 10 Disabling Introspection
  • 11 Chapter 4 Summary