Prove your Adobe Commerce + Magento 2 knowledge.

SwiftOtter-trained badges prove you are the best in your field.

We are passionate about helping you achieve the highest levels in your career. And we are likewise passionate about Adobe Commerce and Magento 2.

Here's the deal: achieving an Adobe Commerce certification is excellent. But these exams don't cover ideas. You may get the correct answers, but you must also understand the foundational elements.

SwiftOtter badges are earned after two things happen: 1) you finish one of our courses and 2) you prove your knowledge. We hold to the highest standards to ensure these badges are prized.

Available SwiftOtter-Trained Badges

The process

  • Purchase a course from SwiftOtter.
  • Complete the final objective (a certification or a project).
  • Email us with proof of this achievement.
  • Add your badge to your LinkedIn profile.