The B2B eCommerce Manifesto—by SwiftOtter

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A vision for growing your B2B eCommerce website.

The story

We've had plenty of conversations with B2B merchants frustrated with their website's current state. Their platform feels outdated, they can't update content on their website, the integrations are broken, etc. They know that once these issues are fixed, there is still a missing element of taking their website to the next level—what's next?

SwiftOtter's two B2B experts, Joseph Maxwell, and Jon Guess, have over a decade of combined experience guiding B2B merchants to success. From their perspective, arriving at the destination isn't as daunting as determining it. This book represents a methodical guide for this vision.

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Why do you ask for my email?

Strategic discoveries often cost $10,000 or more. A significant part of this is understanding your business goals and mapping them to technological solutions. This book puts that process into concrete terms.

Of course, we can help you make this decision as we have built an even more condensed version of this document.

The B2B eCommerce Manifesto

Platform selection overview

If you're considering a new eCommerce platform or want to see what other features are available on the market, you'll appreciate the first section of this eBook. We apply our Consumer Reports-esque ratings of eighteen areas of functionality. We give a star-based rating to each platform's implementation of a given feature. This information comes from our experience and study of each platform.

BigCommerce + B2B Edition

Crawl → Walk → Run

What do we do next? How do we improve our website to a place that keeps it at the forefront of a customer's vision? These growth questions can be hard to answer without a veteran in the B2B space. We have condensed our deep experience into this document to cast a pathway forward for you.

The feature list

Download this guide (for free) as a guide for your eCommerce business.

66 Easily-Readable Pages

Learn platform capabilities and identify a vision for growing your B2B eCommerce presence.

Platform Comparison

Compare Adobe Commerce, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce and WooCommerce.

B2B Maturity Model

Where does your store stand? Where can it go?

Migration Process

Learn about SwiftOtter's system for successfully migrating websites.

The authors: Joseph Maxwell + Jon Guess

Joseph, CEO at SwiftOtter, has over ten years of eCommerce experience. He has helped brands grow and achieve their goals through technological solutions.

Jon, Business Analyst at SwiftOtter, grew a B2B eCommerce website from $0 to a multi-million dollar website in a few years. His gentle demeanor and knowledge establishes immediate rapport.

An Introduction to SwiftOtter

Excellence in Ecommerce Experiences—since 2012.

As you can see with this guidebook, SwiftOtter believes in education and enablement (we have also built a significant training practice). Getting into a full-site migration may seem scary.

But with us at SwiftOtter, it's not. We will walk you through the process you will read about in this quickstart guide.

  • We learn the key points of your needs and give you a rough order of magnitude for cost and timeline.
  • We enter a paid discovery to understand what needs to be built: the scope.
  • Once we agree on the scope (price), we begin work.
  • We involve you through the development process to ensure it's exactly as you need.

SwiftOtter is a Certified BigCommerce Partner. We are also a Commerce-specialized Adobe Partner. We know the best of both worlds and have put this knowledge into building this quickstart guide for you.