Manufacturing and B2B

SwiftOtter can help you get online and grow.

B2B eCommerce should be a critical piece of your revenue stream—are you capitalizing on it?

B2B eCommerce is like that one friend who finally joined the digital age after years of resisting smartphones – it's on a fast track for growth! The pandemic was its "aha" moment, pushing businesses to embrace online solutions for procurement, supply chains, and teamwork. It's like B2B eCommerce is the superhero of business transactions, swooping in to reshape the game – with a stylish cape and all!

In all seriousness, B2B eCommerce is a game-changer for establishing a more consistent brand revenue stream.

Kansas Funding Opportunities for Manufacturers

Kansas Manufacturer Funding Opportunities

If you're looking to expand or train your workforce, production system or technology, we provide condensed information about which Kansas funding programs will help you achieve your goals.

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eCommerce Training for Manufacturers

Clicks and Bricks: eCommerce Kickstart Training for Manufacturers

A lighthearted and informational 5-class live workshop to kickstart your foray into expanding your eCommerce online.

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Industries served

There are often several links in the B2B chain. We serve them all.


You build products and need another way to get them to the market.


You push high-volume to a small number of wholesalers.


You resell to a large number of retailers.

Hospitality is our first core value.

You can expect to feel a warm welcome with the SwiftOtter team. In fact, here is who you will be working with. These people have decades of combined experience.

Jon Guess
John grew a major B2B wholesaler's presence from $0 to a multi-million-dollar enterprise. He's now a Business Analyst at SwiftOtter—putting his first-hand experience into practice.
Joseph Maxwell
Joseph has helped brands implement challenging requirements, tuning them to exactly what they need for success. He doesn't shy away from giving the right advice, always focusing on what is best for the customer.

B2B eCommerce Evolution Manifesto

Be inspired

An opinionated, experienced guide on how to make your B2B website next level. SwiftOtter has tremendous talent to move you forward.

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Our platform specialties


We see BigCommerce as a fit for most B2B brands we interact with. The platform is highly capable with excellent performance, outscoring other platforms in almost every feature category. SwiftOtter has the BigCommerce B2B Specialization badge.

Adobe Commerce B2B Edition

Adobe Commerce is arguably the most customizable platform in the world. The downside is it is generally more expensive to maintain. The B2B Edition is incredibly capable—and, anything can be changed.