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We average 2.6 Magento certifications per developer.


We average two week turnaround time.


We give our personal cellphone numbers to our customers.


Right here in Leavenworth, KS. Big fans of Kansas City barbeque.

Some of Our Developers:

Joseph has all four Magento Commerce certifications Jesse Maxwell is our resident frontend expert. He is Magento Frontend Certified Isaac is a Magento developer Scott is a certified Magento developer David is a certified Magento developer

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Let's get together
Face-to-face dialog is a great way to learn about each other, determine fit, and begin developing trust. We will contact you shortly to schedule a meeting.
  • We want to meet you! Joseph will work out a place and time to meet you. The primary goal with this meeting is to see if we are a fit and can work together as team members.
  • The next step is to send you our letter of agreement. In this letter, you will sign a hold harmless (with an agreement that we won't sue each other). The letter just provides additional details regarding our working relationship.
  • We will then send you our onboarding document. This contains the common applications that we will need to access. For example, we ask that you create us a unique Magento admin login. We also might need SSH credentials.
  • We get to know your company and work through the priorities for the problems that you face. Top of the priority list is fixing security vulnerabilities.
  • We schedule the work you need completed and get going!

SwiftOtter's Magento Workflow:

  • Issue is triaged. This means that a developer takes a cursory look at the issue, assigns a time estimate and adds extra details to add clarity for whoever receives the assignment.
  • Developer begins work. Through this process he will often add multiple points into the version control history (commits). When he is complete, he pushes the code up to our GitHub account.
  • The code is peer-reviewed. While each developer strives for excellence, things can be missed on occasion. This gives an opportunity to provide feedback and ensure that the code is high quality.
  • The code is deployed to a staging / production replica. For many of our customers, this is automatic (using Jenkins).
  • QA will review the functionality on the staging site to ensure that everything works as expected.
  • The issue is signed off until the code is deployed.
  • We provide you with a list of issues that are ready to go live. This is your opportunity to test them and ensure you are satisfied with the work that has been completed.
  • When you agree, we deploy code to the production site:
    • We manually execute a code deployment script on the staging site as a final fail-safe before code is released. This involves ensuring that primary actions your customer will take work as expected: add to cart, cart page, checkout process (including using a live credit card), customer login and more.
    • We push the button in Jenkins, which begins automatic deployment.
    • Once we have verified the code is live, we execute the code deployment script again, but this time, on the production server.
  • We then test the issue a final time to ensure that it still works in the production environment.
  • We notify you that the issue is complete.
5000+ tasks completed
since October 2014
code commits
in our Github repositories.
calendar 14
2 week
task turnaround
Padded a little. We strive for less.

A little more detail.

SwiftOtter Solutions was started by Joseph Maxwell in 2013. The company has grown and added more craftsmen aligned with the idea of producing quality Magento websites that sell more product.

We have helped our clients migrate onto Magento, convert their sites from Magento 1 to Magento 2, fine-tune them for higher sales, add custom features and more. Our passion is to see our customers excel in their industries and increasing their profits.

We are technical.

Have you talked with people who claim to know Magento, only to find out they might not know what they are talking about? We like to write about the knowledge we obtain. Since we are Magento specialists and only develop Magento websites, we believe we are in a unique position in the Kansas City area to share this quality knowledge with you. Feel free to browse our Knowledge section to read these articles. Here are a few of our favorites:

SwiftOtter, Inc.
Joseph Maxwell - president / senior developer at Swift Otter

President / senior developer at SwiftOtter - @swiftotter_joe