Are you serious about your future ecommerce sales?

Are you serious about your future ecommerce sales?

We are. As part of your team and your trusted key parter, we will help you achieve your sales goals.

If you are serious, we can help.

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We are Kansas City's only local Magento specialist agency. Let's get some coffee and talk.

Are you spending time managing your website that could be spent more profitably elsewhere? Gary was, and found that he could make much more money as he focused on other areas (we built a beautiful website for them).

A key mark of a leader is knowing who you can trust with a job. Take a look around our website—you will see we are a qualified Magento agency with deep knowledge of the platform.

We do not believe in holding our clients hostage. Read our "first in the industry" liberation pledge.

We are committed to earning your trust. May we begin?

5000+ tasks completed
since October 2014
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in our Github repositories.
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2 week
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Padded a little. We strive for less.
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Site deploys are really seamless.
Read how we helped achieve a 10% conversion rate increase for site-search traffic.
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    There is no better way to clearly understand someone’s needs than having a face-to-face conversation. That is our preferred starting point in helping new clients. When would you like to meet?

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    Are you under lockdown and handcuffed to your existing agency? May we help you gain freedom and never be in that position again? How vulnerable are you to hostile penetration? Are your security patches up to date, and the installed modules using industry security best coding practices?

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    We only have one “speed” in responding to client emails - F A S T

Let's get together
Face-to-face dialog is a great way to learn about each other, determine fit, and begin developing trust. We will contact you shortly to schedule a meeting.
A few Quick Facts.
  • We are small, skilled, agile and fast: resembles an otter – right?
  • There are 5 of us.
  • Our development and culture is agile.
  • Efficient – due to our systems and software development practices.
  • Selective – no “whales or sharks”; we look for the right client fit.
  • Not cheap, not expensive – our overhead is low, but our investment in sharpening the saw is significant.
  • Our code deployment process updates your site with little to no downtime – very few Magento agencies have a similar.

We love to solve problems. Here's an example. One of our Magento clients has a Wordpress blog. From an SEO standpoint, it's best to have the blog hosted on the same server, however, a Wordpress blog -- especially one that has not been bullet-proofed -- can be a significant security vulnerability.

We built a connector that would fetch WordPress data from a separate server and integrate it into Magento. Our client benefits from having their Wordpress blog (appear to be) hosted on their Magento server, yet they also benefit from the security of not having Wordpress installed on their Magento server.