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Pulling Upstream Changes with Synchronize in Adobe Commerce Cloud

The Synchronize action in Adobe Commerce Cloud provides an easy way to keep lower level environments (and source control branches) up to date with upstream changes from higher level environments.

Say you’ve created a January Sprint 1 environment where you’ve deployed an integration branch, accumulating and performing QA on features for the current sprint as they are completed, before the work is ready for Staging. In the meantime, a hotfix has been pushed out, and new catalog data has been entered on Production, which has filtered down to Staging. Git merges from an upstream branch are, of course, a routine part of developer life. And the refreshing of your sprint environment’s database can be done without too much trouble via a dump and an import. The Synchronize action, however, performs all of this for us in one fell swoop.

Syncing a Cloud environment from its parent results in a merge commit in the remote branch, a refresh from the parent DB, and an automatic redeployment. You can even choose to sync only code OR data if you wish. (And if you’re particular about your Git history, using the same action with the Cloud CLI Tool offers the option to do a rebase instead of a merge commit!) Easy fetching of upstream changes in one click.

Chris Nanninga

Director of Training and Development at SwiftOtter -@ChrisNanninga