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30% of developers don't use Xdebug. Become a pro with this life-transforming tool.

Magento Certifications is now Adobe Certifications.

I help you become Magento certified through courses, ebooks and assessments.

Now available! the Mastering Xdebug, a free mini-course on how to become proficient with Xdebug. Instead of trying to sample data through var_dump, you can see what's happening in real time.

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If you are visiting this page, might you be on a journey to become a hero? Of course, not one that wears a cape and flies over cities (although that would be cool). But a superhuman who has conquered the seemingly almost-impossible and has proven your capability and proficiency in the Magento system. Those you work with will come to you with questions. Merchants will place more value on your advice. And your standard of living will improve (provided your employer sees the value in certifications and gives you a deserved raise).

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