Magento Certified Developer Plus

The Magento Certified Developer Plus demonstrates detailed knowledge of the Magento ecosystem, including Enterprise edition functionality.


Magento Certified Frontend Developer

The Magento Certified Frontend Developer is a certification that demonstrates detailed knowledge of manipulating the user interface of a shopping cart experience. This was a great certification to achieve in showing our capabilities of theming and customizing Magento to each of our client's needs.


Optimizely Platform Certified

One of our team members is a Optimizely Platform Certified, which means he is familiar with all the workings of the powerful Optimizely Platform.


Magento Certified Solution Specialist

Not only can we develop high quality extensions and customizations for your cart, we offer you solid advice based on our knowledge of the Magento platform.


Zend Certified Engineer

One of our team members is a Zend Certified Engineer, which means he’s proficient in PHP. Because Magento is based on PHP, this is a crucial certification to have.