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We believe that certifications are an excellent way to prove knowledge. In this vein, we have published over five-hundred pages of study guides for Magento certifications. We have participated in Magento certification development and have written almost 450 practice questions—to help you achieve these certifications.

NEW: Certified Developer Plus Study helps, written by Joseph Maxwell. The study guide is 250 pages, with 24 included modules. The practice test is split into two pools of questions (34 questions each pool).

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  • Solution Specialist

    Magento 2 Certified Solution SpecialistThe Magento 2 Solution Specialist ensures the candidate is prepared to guide a merchant through migrating and managing a Magento storefront. It covers not only the usage of Magento but best practices, legal issues and conversion rate optimization (to name a few topics).

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  • Professional Developer

    Magento 2 Professional DeveloperThe Magento 2 Professional Developer tests a candidates' knowledge of advanced Magento backend development. This is widely considered the most difficult Magento exam to pass. A candidate must know many specifics about modules, sales, customers and the checkout process.

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  • Professional Developer Plus

    Magento 2 Professional Developer PlusThe Magento 2 Professional Developer Plus proves your Magento knowledge is in the top 5%. Our resources for this test are in development and should be available by mid-March.

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  • Associate Developer

    Magento 2 Certified Associate DeveloperThe Magento 2 Associate Developer is an excellent entry-level test for a developer. Magento recommends finishing their Fundamentals course before trying for this certification.

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  • Frontend Developer

    Magento 2 Certified Frontend DeveloperThe Magento 2 Frontend Developer is a deep dive into Magento's frontend. As such, this covers themes, templates, JavaScript and CSS (little to no PHP). You should have 1.5 years of frontend development experience before trying this test.

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  • Javascript Developer

    Magento 2 Certified Javascript DeveloperThe Magento 2 Javascript Developer certification ensures that a candidate fluently understand Magento's approach to Javascript. It covers, in-depth, RequireJS, KnockoutJS, UiComponents and customizing the frontend and adminhtml areas.

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