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The team at SwiftOtter certainly lives up to their name. They were fast and efficient. We had an urgent need and Joseph was able to make quick introductions to an extremely well-suited candidate who has turned out to be a great fit to our team. Out the gate she just hit the ground running. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The report Swift Otter provided on the candidate was spot on in all areas of the report and even touched on topics I had not considered in my own evaluation. I highly recommend SwiftOtter.

– Jeanne Scilley Program Manager Wacom 


You've paid the price of stagnated recruiters for too long.

  • Recruiters get a 20-30% first-year salary fee; there is no incentive to find an amicable wage.
  • When determining technical proficiencies, you are on your own—good luck.
  • Adding insult to injury, if you misread the person's capabilities, you foot the cost of finding someone else.

The SwiftOtter Talent Acquisition Value Proposition

Pre-Vetted Candidates

You've probably interviewed candidates that punched LinkedIn's "Apply" button on 50 applications. Or, worse, you've met with recruiter-provided candidates with a fancy resumé who can't answer a single technical question.

Leave the first step in the interview process to us. We are the most technical service provider in this space—so we can adequately vet candidates. When we present you with a candidate, we bring along an objective report of our findings on their skills and abilities.

Logical Pricing

We use a simple tiered pricing structure for our placements. Check this out:

  • Salary of 100,000 USD or less: $10,000 fee
  • Salary of 100,001 USD or more: $15,000 fee

SwiftOtter's mission is to present you with high-quality candidates. Our reward for helping you find these people is very loosely tied to how much they are paid. Thus, it's up to you to negotiate directly with the candidate, knowing that you will reach a fair deal.


Our work on the above points is to reduce the possibility that this candidate will leave.

We will warranty the candidate (can you warranty a person?). If the candidate leaves in the first four months after employment, we will help you find a replacement.

Why SwiftOtter, though?

  • SwiftOtter is both an agency and a merchant: we are our audience. We haven't used a recruiter in years. Keep reading.
  • We have invested significantly into the Adobe Commerce community. We are one of the most well-known figures in this space. Thus, we regularly have conversations with candidates who are unhappy for a variety of reasons. We are starting this because we are passionate about helping developers be happy.
  • We know how to vet people. We have helped many thousands of wonderful people become better developers and users of Adobe Commerce (Magento).

Who you will be working with:

How this works

First things first: we will ask for some information about who you want to bring on. Ideally, this is a bonafide job description. We will ask for salary requirements, benefits, work hours, etc. We also want to come away from the call with a no-BS understanding of the general culture of your team.

We will immediately review our library of intelligent people and send over any matches. We will also continue to look through our incoming candidates' pipeline and vet these as quickly as possible. Note that the vetting process can take a day or two because we are diligent in helping you find the best in the industry.

We put all of our cards on the table.

Are you ready to chat?

Are you looking to switch things up?

We are looking for the following:

  • Developers (Junior, Mid-level, Senior and Architect level)
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Team Lead

At this point, we are focused on the Adobe Commerce / Magento space. If you are unhappy at your current place of employment, drop us a note (kept confidential), and we will chat with you.

How do we help you?

It is our #1 goal is happy developers. This may be because we are developers ourselves. Either way, we have curated this process to ensure you are happy—for a long time at your next place of work.

As part of our first conversation, we will find out if you're certified. If you aren't, we will help you achieve that. We usually offer a deal where you pay a 50% buy-in for the process. If we can get you into the perfect company, we'll refund your 50%.

Our process

You may be surprised to dive deep into technical material on one of our first calls. This is because we want to understand your exact skillset and capabilities. We will also ask you to take a skills test. We then write a report that we send to prospective employers about you. It's honest and unbiased. We will maintain excellent communication through this process.

Oh, so now you are going to start poaching people?!

We are not poachers. We are ethical, honest people. The name "recruiter" has been tarnished by some aggressive people who spam developers. This is not us.

We want to help people be happy in their roles.

We want to provide connections to those who are not currently happy.

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Joseph Maxwell

President / Senior Developer at SwiftOtter - @swiftotter_joe