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SwiftOtter Sponsors Magento meetups

SwiftOtter Sponsors Magento meetups

We help you bring more people by giving you materials to give away to participants.

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As a leader of the Kansas City Magento Meetup, I have first-hand experience with coordinating a Magento meetup. Unfortunately, it seems to be a common problem that it is difficult to get people to come to the meetup. One way to motivate attendees is to offer giveaways.

Meetup Giveaway

I am very passionate about helping people achieve their certifications. Once certified, people get promotions, which lead to more income, which equals a better quality of life. To that end, I desire to help others become certified, and this is my channel for that.

SwiftOtter would like to offer every Magento meetup, worldwide, the following:

  • Two study guides + practice tests per year to be given away to attendees (with SwiftOtter as a sponsor of that month’s meetup).
  • Meetup leader gets a free study guide + practice test each year.

In exchange, you agree to let SwiftOtter be a sponsor of your meetup. This means you need to include a SwiftOtter training logo in your promotional material (and a link from your meetup website). For more information, contact me.

Meetup Speaking

As leader in the Magento certification space, I am willing to remotely present a thirty-minute certification guide to your meetup's attendees. This will not be a sales talk, but rather a helpful and informative on how to become certified. Just reading materials will not guarantee a pass. I go through the process of how to achieve these certifications from A-Z.

This talk covers:

  • What developer certification should you first attempt?
  • What is the best path to study?
  • How do I prepare myself to pass?
  • How are exam questions structured?
  • Can I take the test at home?
  • What happens if I fail? When can I take it again?

If you would like to take up my offer, please contact me.

Joseph Maxwell - president / senior developer at Swift Otter

President / senior developer at SwiftOtter - @josephmaxs